The First Ever True Invisibility Cloak Made!

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It seems like, technology and science is going beyond our imaginations. Things which were once a fantasy are now becoming reality. In our previous few articles we informed you about the MYO bands and the car which was completely driven by the iPad. Well there are tons of such mind freaking news but now there is something more interesting, what is this new thing, checkout all details here below.


Invisibility Clock

Now get ready to experience an invisible clock! You heard it right, an invisible clock. The researchers from University of Texas, Austin, has produced an ultra-thin material called a “metascreen”. They published their research in the New Journals of Physics entitled as “Demonstration of an ultralow profile cloak for scattering suppression of a finite-length rod in free space. They had made a clock, which was made by 66 µm-thick copper tape and 100 µm-thick flexible polycarbonate film which scatters and cancels out incoming waves.

The researchers took a 18-centimeter-long cylindrical ceramic rod and covered it with the metascreen, when they passed the microwaves through it, it was unable to detect those waves. From this you can realize how thin the clock was. This is a clock that covers the object from every possible vision and sight. The cloak works best at 3.7GHz and can also be implemented on visible frequencies.


“the object size that can be efficiently cloaked with this method scales with the wavelength, so when applied to optical frequencies we may be able to efficiently stop the scattering of only micrometer-sized objects,” The researchers said.

You’ll be wondering how can this beneficial? So it can be use in optical nanotags and nanoswitches. Such kind of inventions prove that science is rapidly changing and improving because which was totally impossible is now easily possible.

(Via New Journal Of Physics)

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