iPhone 5S & Budget iPhone To Be Released On June 20!

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If you love your iPhone 5 and want to stick to it for long then Apple might not be giving you this chance. No, don’t worry Apple is not going to snatch your valuable iPhone 5. But the company may launch a new iPhone soon. It seems as if Apple is going to be the leading tech company for receiving maximum number of rumors about its upcoming products. Finally, another but this time a really big news about iPhone 5s has come up, some sources have disclosed the release date of iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone!

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iPhone 5S Release Date

You might already be aware of some of the features of upcoming iPhone 5S, such as; it will consist of finger sensor lock, will be available in various colors and other features, while the cheaper iPhone will have a bicarbonate body. It was also said that Foxconn has already started preparing iPhone 5S in a huge quantity.

Macotakara, a Japanese blog has reported that iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone will be released on 20th of this June!

Although it is just a rumor but Macotakara has been spot on in the past regarding Apple rumors. Not only Macotakara, but another Japanese site has also confirmed the same rumor, and this means iPhone 5S and budget will be out in early July. The launch for the new version iOS 7 is also expected on the same day but it is not ready yet! The sales for the iPhone 5S and low-budget iPhone are predicted in the month of August, this year.

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TechCrunch also mentioned that Foxconn is preparing for a launch of iPhone 5S in June. According to the report, it is expected the iPhone 5S will have a Qi-enabled wireless charging system and new dongles too.

Well, this is quite surprising because such confidential information, like release dates, Foxconn manufacturing process are not always revealed! But the good thing is iPhone 5S is not so far and this rumor might just turn out to be true as Google is going to be launching some major hardwares in the coming months!

What are your thoughts regarding the release date for the iPhone 5S?

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