How to Hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.1.3 Using Redsnow

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Maypalo has again brought you another useful guide that will tell you how to hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.1.3, that is through this guide you will be able to bypass iOS 6.1.3 activation screen without SIM card. So checkout the few easy steps below to make you work done easily.

Before moving to the actual steps of the guide, first you should download the things that you will be needed to hacktivate your iPhone on iOS 6.1.3.


Things Required For Hachtivation

  • Download 6.0 IPSW matching your device

For adjusting redsnow as per the OS of your PC, right click on the redsnow file, go to the properties, click compatibility and set the OS of your PC in the options provided. In the end click OK.

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Steps For Hactivating iOS 6.1.3

Step 1: Open redsnow, click extras and then select IPSW.

Step 2: After this, in the options displayed select your downloaded 6.o IPSW and then OK.

Step 3:  Go back and click jailbreak.

Step 4: Once done with jailbreaking part, click install Cydia and then click next.

Step 5:  Put your device into DFU mode. To do this hold the power button of your iPhone for 2 seconds. Now without releasing the power button, hold the home button for 8 seconds. Lastly, without releasing the home button, release the power button. Hold the home button for further 14 seconds.

Step 6: After few seconds you will be displayed with a pine apple logo, following this will come the Apple logo.

For those of you who love visual guides here is a video showing how to hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.1.3.

Here you are done with hacktivating. Only one thing that you have keep in your mind is that the jailbreak for this device is the tethered one, which means that before using any jailbreak program you have to first go to Extras and click ‘just reboot’ button in redsnow, every time you boot your device.

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