How to Download Kuaiyong On Windows & Mac For Free

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Recently there has been a lot of talk about a new app/service called Kuaiyong. It has started making the headlines around the world especially in iOS community. But those of you who have been following Maypalo for quite sometime would know about this already, we have already mentioned about Kuaiyong before. Well for those of you who want to download Kuaiyong for Windows and Mac for free can do so, and here is how.


For those of you who are unaware about Kuaiyong, well folks it is basically like the App Store except it is mostly in Chinese and has pirated (cracked) apps on it. Which basically means Kuaiyong allows you to download all paid apps for free and that too without jailbreaking!

Yes folks, Kuaiyong works on an iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which hasn’t been jailbroken. It does this by a technique called bulk licensing. It basically buys licence to apps and then gives them out. It makes copies of apps over and over again.

Think of Kuaiyong as an alternative to App Store but in Chinese and has tons of pirated apps.

KuaiYong works on iOS 6 too!

KuaiYong works on iOS 6 too!

If you want to download Kuaiyong for Windows and Mac, you might face a problem. That is, it basically works only in China. So if you do not live in China it gets pretty hard for you to download, but we have a method to download Kuaiyong on Windows and Mac and that too for free.

Before you being to download Kuaiyong, visit our VPN page from where you can download VPN (Virtual Private Network), or you can also visit the VPN page for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Once you are done with that click on the link below which is a full guide on “how to download Kuaiyong for free”.

Download Kuaiyong on Windows and Mac for free! 

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  1. since ios 6.1.. all downloaded apps from kuaiyong stopped working.. instead it asks to login to itunes but every time i use my account it rejects it

  2. use the repair option on the top right corner…it will repar the ipa and u will be able to use it.

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