How To Fix “Can Not Connect To iTunes Store” Error

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If you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you might have faced this error many times. This is probably the most common error you might face if you are using an iOS device – can not connect to iTunes Store error. Well if you have been facing this error lately, here are some ways in which you can fix this can not connect to iTunes store error.

Fix Can Not Connect To iTunes Store Error

This is one of the most common errors you are going to face while using your iOS device. This “can not connect to iTunes store” error occurs whenever you are trying to download an application through the iOS App Store. When you tap on the “install” button after a few seconds this error pops up, which to be honest is quite annoying. So how do you exactly fix this error? Let’s take a look at some of the solutions for the iTunes store error.

iTunes store error

App Switcher Method

One of the most frequently used methods to fix this “can not connect to iTunes” error is by simply closing the App Store and trying it again. But you have to make sure that you close the App Store from the App Switcher before trying it.

Double tap the home button and open the App Switcher. Press hold on the App Store icon and tap on the little red button and close it. Once done with that open the App Store and try downloading the application again. This should fix this error. If not read ahead.

Quick Reboot

Another way to fix the “can not connect to iTunes Store” error is giving your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a quick reboot. Simply press the power button for a couple of seconds until the “slide to power off” bar appears. Turn of your iOS device. Hold the power button again until you see the Apple logo. Once your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is powered on head over to the App Store and try downloading the app again. This should fix the error. If it did not fix the error, read ahead.

iTunes store error

Switching Countries

So you are still facing the error, well what to do now? The above two ways are common and should easily fix the iTunes Store error but sometimes there is something far deeper problem. Or in this case, problem of another country.

Sometimes you try to download an application that is not available for your country, if you do that a message pops up saying “this application is not available for your country”. So how is that related to the iTunes store error? Well while trying to download an application on my iPad I faced a similar error, I tried many methods but they all did not work so I simply changed the Apple Store ID to a different country and voila, it worked! Before it showed me the “cannot connect to iTunes Store” error but now after switching to a different country I did not face this problem.

Those of you who are constantly getting this error might want to switch their Apple ID to a different country.

Apple ID Sign Out

By now, your iTunes store error should be fixed. But for some unknown reason you are getting this error again and again, you are left with two options.

The first one is to sign out of your Apple ID and reboot your iOS device. To do that head over to Settings > iTunes & App Stores >  Apple ID > and tap on the “sign out” button. That will sign you out of your iTunes account. Once you are signed out reboot your iOS device and sign back in using your Apple ID and try to download the application again.

That should fix the iTunes error problem. If not then read the final method.

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Clean Restore

Even after doing the above mentioned methods you are still facing “can not connect to iTunes Store” error, then you are left with no option but to restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Make sure you do a clean restore and do not use your back-up data as you might still encounter the error.

After doing a clean restore you are bound to get the problem fixed. But before you do a clean restore make sure you try the above methods first as “clean restore” should be your final solution.

Let us know which method solve your iTunes store error problem.

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