This Is Truly An Incredible iWatch Concept (Pictures)

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Rumors about the iDevice that you can carry with yourself by wearing it, are coming to life again. iWatch is another amazing product that is expected to be released by Apple, somewhere this year! But before the release there are numerous rumors and various concepts that are describing the closet iWatch, one can expect. You might have seen some other concepts related to iWatch but this time, a new concept for the upcoming iWatch is surely the best one and this time you are really going to be impressed! Checkout the details right here:

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As you all know that about 100 developers are working on this iWatch project which is expected to be a design master piece. So a concept artist by the name of Martin Hajek, who has already designed tons of new concepts, has come up with a truly incredible concept of the iWatch.

This is by far one of the best iWatch concepts I have seen. This truly brings out the “Apple” in it. The design, the smoothness and the overall look of this iWatch just feels as if it has been designed by Apple itself. Maybe under Tim Cook and John Ive’s leadership, iWatch might truly be an incredible device to have.

best iWatch 4

Hajek has created this concept for the April issue of MacUser, but unluckily there are no feature descriptions available about it. From the pictures, it can be deduced that the iWatch and the iPhone are somehow interlinked.

There are no actual details about the iWatch, the only thing that is known is the iWatch, which will be composed of a different iOS, voice integration system and few others.

best iWatch 5

Not only Apple but many other top tech companies are working on such wearable devices, like the Google glass. This surely is going to be a tough competition but if we go through the history of Apple, it has always emerged on the top, so this time with iWatch, Apple is once again going to take the lead.

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