This Is One Of The Best iPhone 6 Concept (Video + Pictures)

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We here at Maypalo has seen tons of iPhone concepts which show how the future iPhone would look like. Some are just average while others truly blow our mind. This new iPhone 6 concept is one of the latter. Check out this truly stunning iPhone 6 concept videos below.

Apple is very secretive about its up-coming products, so it becomes super hard for us to guess how or what kind of new features the next generation of iPhone will pack, but thanks to a few people, some crucial information regarding an up-coming product gets leaked.

This is where concept artists come in. They get the information from these leakers and put together a small animation video which depicts the product that is yet to be launched. Well keeping with that tradition here is a concept video and images on how the iPhone 6 might look like.

Well feast your eyes on these stunning iPhone 6 images.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6

This concept of the iPhone 6 shows a true edge-to-edge display which many, including I, want Apple to make. As you can see from the images and the video below, this is truly an amazing concept of how the iPhone 6 might look like.

The major difference between this iPhone 6 and the current iPhone 5 is that this version is super thin, and the screen occupies more space but keeping the overall size the same.

White iPhone 6

Well to get a better idea on how this concept of the iPhone 6 will function. Check out this awesome video below.

Well what do you think? Isn’t this a great iPhone concept?

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