Apple Reportedly Working On 1.5 Inch OLED iWatch

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It’s been quite a long time since there are any accurate or justified news about the upcoming Apple’s iWatch. This time we have news about iWatch from a trusted source, Macotakara, a well-known source for all Apple activities and some Taiwanese reports also confirm the same news about iWatch’s new small screen. Read on to know all the details:

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According to Macotakara and Taiwanese reports, it has been deduced that Apple is working on Tiny iWatch screen. This is not it, it is also expected that Apple’s technologies chief, Bob Mansfield and his more than 100+ engineers, seem to be very interested in wearable gadgets; are most probably working on an average iWatch screen of i.5-inch, which will be based on OLED.

The reason for choosing OLED over LCD is that OLED needs no backlight, which means that less battery will be consumed than the LCD. OLED delivers more and deeper black levels and are also thinner and lighter than LCDs, these basic things are extremely important for any kind of wearable gadget, especially smart watches.

Macotakara and the Taiwanese newspaper also reported that Apple’s most closest manufacturer Foxconn is currently working on an order for iWatch and are now focusing more to produce trial production for iWatch, which are expected to be a thousand units.

The same newspaper reported that Apple is now testing these 1.5-inches OLED displayed iWatches. The screens are reportedly provided by RiTdisplay, which is a subsidiary of Ritek, a Taiwanese electronic group, which are specialized in LED products, OLED screens and other flash memory devices. While the touch sensors for this watch are expected from RitFast.

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There are a lot of expectations from this device and it is expected that this iWatch will take Apple to the next level in the stock market!

According to a recent survey, it was judged that one out of every five respondents would opt for an iWatch or any wearable gadget from Apple. Considering how Apple designs their products, no wonder so many people are willing to buy a smart watch.

So what are your thoughts on an iWatch with 1.5 inch OLED screen?

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