iPhone Notifications Can Now Be Synced Directly To Google Glass (Video)

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As you all know that Google glass will not be available this year, for this magnificent gadget you have to wait for the next year. But those lucky developers, who have got this amazing gadget, are trying to test this device in every possible way and are proving it right that how useful such a device can be. One of the luckiest among these developers is Adam Bell because he is the one who has sorted out a way to route iOS notifications through Google Glass, this is really a shocking news because Google glass does not communicate with iOS. Read on to know the whole story.


You all will be familiar to Adam because he is the one behind some of the most amazing Cydia Tweaks, like Stride and Blackout. he is also a well-known hacker and has successfully come up with a tweak that allow full Facebook Chat heads on your iPhone but this is time Adam has moved a step ahead and he has finally found a way by which iOS users can check their push notifications on Google Glass.

By the time, when the final Google Glass will reach the customers, it is expected that Google will come as an app for iOS but like always it supports its favorite companion, Android. This is quite clear from Google’s previous responses towards Apple and it will be really shocking if Google does not go for an iOS app, with Google Glass.

Now without wasting further more time, checkout this video below and know how this you can have iOS notifications on your Google glasses:

According to Adam all the notifications are transmitted from his iPhone to Google Glass. This is push notification is system-wide, which basically means that it will send all kind of push notifications that normally appear on iPhone to Google Glass. You can not only receive push notifications on your Google Glass but can also swipe between new and previous notifications by the help of the touchpad that is located on the right side of the glasses.

There is no doubt that this hack was only possible on jailbroken iOS devices because of various limitations in iOS but don’t worry because you will soon have an app or a Cydia tweak for this.

Personally, I really liked it and surely using a gadget for this purpose is something worth watching. But we have to wait , so that we can see what Google will come up with.

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