19-Year-Old Creates Low-Cost Self Driving Car!

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The human mind is something truly amazing when it comes to inventing clear piece of technology. A young mind is truly something remarkable and this 19-year-old Romanian kid just proves it. Read ahead to find out what he invented!

Do you remember a couple of days back we told you about a new piece of technology that was created by an 18-year-old girl who could charge any phone in a mere 20 seconds! Those of you who have been impressed with her would now know something really shocking, she was actually awarded the second prize! So who actually won the contest? It was Ionut Budisteanu, a 19-year-old kid.

Every year Intel holds an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which is a competition-based fair that awards prize money to the students in each scientific category. But it specially recognizes the top three candidates that excelled in their field.

This year, 19-year-old Ionut Budisteanu won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair with a brilliant idea for a low-cost self driving car!

winner of Intel award

You might have already heard about Google’s self driving car, the car that does not need any driver. It is a masterful integration where technology meets innovation. To help build this dream, Google has spent literally millions upon millions of dollars on creating the self driving car.

So how much does Ionut’s self driving car cost? $4000.

So how has he managed to do this remarkable feat? Well, he mounted 3-D radar and cameras, and created a feasible design for an autonomously controlled car that could detect traffic lanes and curbs, along with the real-time position of the car!

Now that sounds amazing. But the thing that actually made him win the $75,000 Gordon E. Moore Award was the cost of the entire thing. It was an affordable $4000.

Well I’m pretty sure Google is currently talking to this kid to acquire is technology.


(Via Intel)

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