New Concept Shows Curved iPhone 6 With 3D Camera (Video)

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Here at Maypalo, we have presented you with tons of mind-blowing iPhone 6 concepts. Some of them were pretty good, while some concepts couldn’t make up to our mark. But this time, we have got another really interesting iPhone 6 concept, which something that is surely based on an idea, which is out of the box! Checkout all the details about this magnificent iPhone 6 concept.

iP6 (1)

This concept is created by Ran Avni who has come up with an appealing iPhone 6 concept. According to this concept, the upcoming iPhone 6 would have a camera that can capture 3D pictures! That’s not a bad idea because we already smartphones which can take 3D pictures.

The video, although quite short has packed in a punch. One of the best thing about this concept is the edge-to-edge screen of the iPhone, which is of about 4.8 or 5-inch, this is just the right size and doesn’t make the iPhone too large or huge. You can also see that the device forms an arch, which means it gets thinner in the middle and the screen gives a concave look. This gives a unique look to the iPhone.

iPhone 6 curve

Well, there is not too much to discover about this concept, except the innovative 3D camera and a different concave looking slim design and we have already discussed it in detail. I personally liked this concept but still it could be better. Now, checkout the concept video below and decide whether you like it or not:

When it comes to the release of the next iPhone, it is expected that it will be launched somewhere between September and October. But as it is Apple, nothing can be confirmed until the company itself says so.

What do you think about this iPhone 6 concept? Leave a comment below.

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