Here Is What Will Be Revealed In WWDC 2013

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Rumors, news and so many expectations from the upcoming WWDC. The event is only couple of weeks away and the rate of expectations of Apple users is rapidly increasing. Before making your wish list make sure, you actually should know what is going to be unveiled in WWDC 2013, so that you don’t get disappointed after it.

The first and most important thing you should keep in your mind is that in the WWDC 2013 you are not going to have any new look or the first appearance of any type of Apple devices like iPad or iPhone. This is because Apple has changed it’s paradigm when it comes to launching new hardware.

Instead of launching a new device every WWDC, Apple is going to hold a special event for the iPhone and iPad. So don’t expect a new iPhone or iPad this WWDC.

WWDC 2013

If iPhone and iPad are not the stars of the event then what are we looking for in this event? This time it is expected that Apple will come up with some work made on Mac! It is expected that Apple will introduce some changes to the Mac lineup.

That’s not it, because the major expectation from WWDC is the introduction of the new iOS 7 and OS X! WWDC is the main reason why developers and other people from around the world get pretty excited because this is where they are going to see the new features of the iOS 7.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most awaited events of the year and developers from all across the globe, attend this event so that they can get advice from Apple’s side, which help them to improve their products. In this event developers also get much knowledge about the new APIs, which are used in operating system and it also helps in various changes they want to make.

iOS 7 logo

Now let’s discuss some features of the upcoming iOS 7. According to multiple sources, iOS 7 is going to ditch skeuomorphic design, which had always been preferred in the past. Instead it will opt for a flat and more simplistic look under the leadership from John Ive.

We are pretty pumped up regarding the next generation iOS. Well what do you expect from iOS 7?

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