Apple Puts Up iOS 7 Logo For WWDC 2013

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Well this was kind of no-brainer but those of you who still had doubts whether Apple would unveil iOS 7 or not. Well folks, Apple has finally put up iOS 7 logo at Moscone Center in San Francisco for its WWDC 2013 event. Check out the images below.

We are only a couple of days away from one of the biggest events that Apple holds in a year. World Wide Developer Conference is to going to be started on June 10, and Apple is fully preparing for the event.

One of the most prominent banners that Apple puts up is the iOS firmware logo. Well we now have some pictures that show the new iOS 7 logo. Check them out below.

iOS 7 2013

As you can see from the pictures, the iOS 7 logo looks very “simple”, or you can say that it looks flat. Something which we have been hearing a lot about iOS 7 from a couple of weeks.

If everything goes as planned, it is expected that Apple will unveil a flat-looking version for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this June 10. The new iOS 7 is expected to revamp all native apps, removing skeuomorphism from them. Something which is many people are expecting because of the new Senior Vice President of iOS software, John Ive.

iOS 7 logo WWDC

Like all rumors regarding Apple, nothing can be confirmed until Apple actually says it. So take this with a pinch of salt. But there is one thing that you should definitely take into consideration and that is many sources have mentioned that Apple will introduce a completely new look for iOS 7, something completely different from the past versions.

WWDC 2013 is going to be an event you surely do not want to miss. So make sure you check out the timings for your city by visiting here.

What are your thoughts on iOS 7?

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