Here Are The Complete Details About iOS 7 & What’s New!

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Finally! It is here, Apple has officially released the most awaited OS, the iOS 7 today in the World Wide Developer Conference. iOS 7 has been revamped from the ground up bringing stunning new features.  Tim Cook mentions iOS 7 as “greatest change to the original Apple’s platform and in the last five years”. So what exactly are the new features? Well check out below to find out all details, specifications, features and updates about iOS 7.

Complete iOS 7 Details

The new iOS 7 needs no explanation, everything is just perfect about it. From its elegant design to its slimmer fonts, icons makes you go wow! The introduction of new slide-to-unlock, is something you can’t resist without praising it and the stock apps have been changed, with new and better animations like the famous weather app! Don’t forget the new member, the control panel that slides up from the base, for any kind of immediate settings. That’s not it! there is much more to discuss about the new iOS 7!

iOS 7 real logo

Jony Ive is the man behind all the best possible designs and he said that this time a new blend of colors have been used for icons,the old boring colors have been changed with the new bright shades and colors. If you remember, it was expected that the new iOS will have a flat look, this rumor turned true and it is quite obvious in the new iOS 7, like the buttons, switches and few other apps have also been changed. There used to be signal bars in the upper left of the phone but now instead of it, you we see a series of dots.

Apple seems to be really satisfied from their new design and they said that the new iOS will make your iPhone ‘look bigger’, this is not because your iPhone will be stretched or something but the design of iOS 7 is so well organised that it feels up your iPhone screen beautifully and this time iOS 7 has been designed in a way that apps and icons look really good on your iPhone. As mentioned earlier, flat design was the main idea and that was the reason that apps like calender, phone etc have lost all their shine and gloss and now they are clean and flat.

Now let us discuss something about the new additions made, like the new the Notification Center, now you can view all your notifications even from your lockscreen. The new stock apps have been completely changed with new sliding and gesture-based navigation. The previous iOS 6 also had the stock apps but it can only support about 12 to 16 apps but new iOS 7 stock apps have no boundaries and and you can add as much apps as you want.

iOS 7 iPhone 5

Here is the list of additions and changes made to iOS 7:

App Store:

The App store has also faced some changes, it will automatically display you the apps that are famous as per your current location, like a restaurant and it also include automatic updates of apps in the background, so no more needing to update your apps manually.


iOS is incomplete without Siri. In iOS 7 Siri has also gone for a flat look and this time there is no more linen. Another really fun thing is that now you can choose from new voices, either male or female and you can also choose from various languages like English, French, or German and new languages will be added to it in the future. Siri has become advanced and now it can also control functions like toggling Bluetooth or even play back voicemail messages. This is not it, Siri is now able to search Twitter, Bing and other sites, so that can answer your questions.


Finally, Apple’s Safari has been improved with gesture-based navigation, full screen browsing and a new flipping card has been introduced, which is quite close to one that one in Google Chrome for iOS and Android. None of the iPhone user liked that seprate search bar, so it has now gone, this means that now you can search straight from the address bar. Apple’s Safari is now supported with a new iCloud Keychain, which is use for syncing passwords and getting information from the credit cards through different devices.

Control Center:

control center iOS 7

Control Center, this is also a new thing which is basically the new swipe menu that allow you to have quick and easy access to frequently used functions. By the help of this center you can control toggle airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth and many other such functions and there is no doubt in saying that this is something that, which Apple users were desperately waiting for!


This is something, which is new t the iOS 7. AirDrop basically allow you to share data with other iOS users, using the Control Center. It also allow you share and exchange data with iOS users that are near by, using the new Control Center. Now this is a solid answer from Apple to Samsung because Samsung had introduced a new group sharing features and tap-based NFC sharing supported by other platforms. AirDrop works on the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch, fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini.


multitasking iPhone iOS 7

Like many other feature, Multitasking has also been updated, now it will support all apps not just the specific ones or the stock apps because it is no more the previous iOS version. Here is the big news about multitasking, the latest features allow you to change and update the background and the good news is, it will not affect the battery. This is not it, with its new smart features you can update specific apps, during different times of the day or better if you do it, when you are having a stronger WiFi connections. Now the apps are always updated because of the push notifications, which keeps on updating them. A new card-based multitasking interface has been introduced, which look quite similar to webOS but it has a larger display of apps.

Camera and photos:

How can Apple forget the camera, it has also been improved with UI, new filters and better photo framing. The Photo apps have bee updated but like other stock apps they are having a flat look. Photos can now be organized by time location and the best thing is you can view all the images clicked in the same year as one album! Like others, it is also gesture-based and just by sliding the finger across the grid of images appear.You can also share pictures and videos via iCloud, too.

iOS In Cars:

In our previous post we told you about the BMW and Apple were working together in their new car. Apple has decided to stretch their car projects with the new iOS 7, so they have introduced a new feature, which allow users to read messages, without looking into the screen, so this is safe and something interesting.

Radio On iTunes:

Now this is the biggest news of all! In the new iOS 7, the music player has been also updated, this time the player has a complete new interface and – iTunes Radio- This is definitely Apple’s answer to Spotify, Rdio, and Google Music and others. The best thing about this radio is that you can hear any song of your demand and can search for various artists, albums etc and like any other radio, you can also search for all available stations. Well, this is how Pandora actually works! This new radio works on Phone, iPod touch, iPad, and iTunes on the Mac and PC. It is free of cost, with adds but if you want to listen add-free then you should be iTunes Match subscriber. US users are the lucky ones because they will have this service first.

iOS 7 keynote

Other iOS 7 Features

Some other small but important new additional features are FaceTime audio calls, notification sync across devices, better Mail search and now you can block any unwanted calls, messages.

iOS 7 is available for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, and the fifth-generation iPod touch. All those lucky developers can download a beta of it on their iPhone, today. But all of you have to wait till it officially release by this fall. Or you can download a leaked version from here.

So, this was a complete review of the new iOS 7, with every possible details, feature and specifications. This time Apple has really work hard and has come up with something, which iOS users were always waiting for!

What do you think about this new completely revamped iOS 7? Drop a comment below.

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5 Comments to Here Are The Complete Details About iOS 7 & What’s New!

  1. iOS 7 beta installed in iPhone 4
    1. Phone is not locking itself
    2. wallpapers are blurry
    3. Photos quality’s very pathetic-which is shoot by cam
    4. Phone become very slow
    5. calender is hanging
    6. some of the application is not responding

  2. Have to say it’s running pretty smoothe on my 4s. Nothing to complait as its still the first dev beta. Only problem I have is that the sound through the earphone plug is not working. Sometimes you hear nothing at all, other times the sound is totally scratchy 🙁 But all in all I cant wait for the final release!

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