How To Downgrade iPhone From iOS 7 Beta 1 To iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4

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As you might already be aware, Apple has released iOS 7 beta 1 to developers. But it seems not just developers have got their hands on iOS 7 beta but the general population too, thanks to the leaks. Well if you have tried iOS 7 and want to get back to the official version, which iOS 6, we have a very simple guide for that. Check out how to downgrade iPhone from iOS 7 beta 1 to iOS 6.

Restore iPhone From iOS 7 To iOS 6

Apple yesterday unveiled iOS 7 to the world, bringing in some stunning new features. But the one thing that most of you will be interested in is the new design. iOS 7 has been completely revamped; new icons, new colors and many new functionality. But it seems not everyone is happy with the upgrade, as they do not like the way the icons look.

Well if you are not happy with iOS 7, or simply want to get back to iOS 6.x.x because it is crashing a lot, we have a simple guide to get your iPhone downgraded from iOS 7 beta 1 to iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4.

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 To restore back to the official firmware, you will be required the following.


  • Download iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Procedure To Downgrade iPhone From iOS 7

This procedure follows the “manual” method as it is recommended because you might encounter some errors while directly restoring

STEP 1: Put iPhone in DFU mood.

STEP 2: Connect your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone to iTunes.

STEP 3: Put iPhone again in DFU mood.

STEP 4: Option+click on restore iPhone.

STEP 5: Now choose the firmware for your iPhone from the above download link.

That’s it folks. If you have followed the steps carefully, your iPhone will be downgraded from iOS 7 to iOS 6.

As always if you have any question, comment below and we will get to you.

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9 Comments to How To Downgrade iPhone From iOS 7 Beta 1 To iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4

  1. Does this work for Iphone 5 as well? I have a friend that tried to install IOS 7 and there phone is now phone stuck on the IOS7 screen. I was hoping that this might fix the issue.

  2. I’ve tried to downgrade to ios 6.1.4 for my iphone 5 even in dfu mode still error saying firmware not compatible..hosts file non of the is there and I don’t know what do…anyone to help?

  3. oh FUCK i fucked up soo bad. i restored back to ios 6 and then i had to restore from an icloud backup, which wasn’t comparable because i backed it up on ios 7!! so now i cant restore my backup and i dont have anything left on my phone! and then i tried to update to ios 7 again but then i couldn’t restore the backup. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEAAAAAAASEEE½!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have a 4S (ORIGINALLY SPRINT CDMA) unlocked to T-Mobile (GSM) via Gevey Ultra S CURRENTLY RUNNING iOS 6.1.3 – SHOULD I UPDATE TO iOS 7?

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