PlayStation 4 Details You Need To Know About!

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PlayStation 4 was recently announced at E3 and if you are a game addict and a die-hard fan of the new PlayStation, so this time we present for you a complete report on each and every detail of this mega gaming console. Read the whole story and know everything there is to know about the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Details

PlayStation 4 Design:

PS4 side view

According to Andy House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, the new PlayStation 4 packs the best and most sleek design one can ever come up with. Although the company says that this is a really sleek design but PS4 looks a bit bulky at the very first sight, which obviously doesn’t give it a clean look.

The PlayStation 4 is just pure black in color, like its rival Xbox One but it has a bit bent structure and the same material is used for it, which was used in the PS3 but one thing in which PS4 is a step ahead is that although it is a bit bulky but it is quite much slimmer than the Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 Games:

games on ps4

Talking about PlayStation 4 but without mentioning any game? Make no sense. Sony has recently announced a game. This is a game with guns and horses and battles. Don’t worry because there is no extreme violence or drama in it. The game is known as “The Order”, but it is very unlikely that it will top the charts. “The Order” game has been made exclusively for PlayStation 4.

There are much better games like Drive Club, Infamous: Second Son, Transistor for they PlayStation 4 but the games that will definitely win you over are Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III.

PlayStation 4 Specifications:

xbox vs PS4

Now let’s discuss the technical side of the PlayStation 4. The main technology that has been used in the PS 4 is from AMD’s technology. According to Sony this system is based on a single-chip custom processor and utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, with a next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine powering the way, this means that PS 4 is a PC – based system, which is surely great news for many developers around the world, as it will be easier to code for them. It is also expected that PS 4 will use a computer featured with GPU, so that it can use the GPU raw power. Conclusively, Sony has come up with a really efficient device and up till now this looks really good!

PS 4 Release date:

After knowing so much about this great gaming console, you’ll be desperately waiting for its release date. So, it is expected that PS 4 will be available in the market by later this year. The bad news is that Sony has not revealed enough details regarding PS 4 on E3. On the other side, Microsoft has already announced the release date of Xbox one, which is November. It seems like Sony will also go for the same time so the competition gets leveled!

Price Details:


So, now you know all the features of PlayStation 4 but here comes the big thing, the Price! It is expected that the PS 4 will cost around $399 in the US, £349 in the UK and €399 in Europe. If you think that’s too expensive, so keep in mind that Xbox one  is $100 more expensive than PS 4.

Note: The price does not include the PS 4 Eye Camera but Xbox One will give you the  second version of Kinect, within the price.

So, this was a complete review on the biggest gaming console PlayStation 4. So, what do you think? Leave a comment below!

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