Apple’s Budget iPhone Will Cost $99!

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Now this is something many of you would have never even imagined in a million years. Apple to introduce an iPhone with a price tag of $99? Well guess what folks, it seems this might be true. Apple might in fact launch a cheap iPhone for a price tag of $99. Read the details on the $99 iPhone below.

$99 iPhone

Reuters, a reputable news organization has just released a harebrained report on the future products from Apple. In that, there is one special thing that has caught many people’s attention, and that is about the budget iPhone.

For the past couple of months, we have been hearing, that Apple is going to launch a cheaper iPhone. This cheaper iPhone is aimed at mostly developing economies where the price elasticity is quite high, such as China, India and Pakistan. These mostly Asian countries are flooded with feature phones or cheap Android devices. Well to combat the growing threat from Samsung and other Android partners, Apple will launch a cheap “budget” iPhone.

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Many people have been speculating about the price tag of a cheap iPhone. Considering Apple uses a price skimming strategy; many have predicted that even a cheap budget iPhone from Apple will cost quite a lot, somewhere around $350-$400. Well guess what? Apple is literally going for a “cheap” iPhone, if the report from Reuters is to be believed.

According to Reuters, Apple will introduce a budget iPhone for $99!

Apple has been tinkering with a budget iPhone that will be as low as $99. This plastic iPhone from Apple will be available in multi-colours and be released by the fall of this year with iPhone 5S or early next year, in 2014.

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Other interesting tidbits from the report mention that Apple is working on iPhone’s with large screens. One with 4.7 inch and another one with a 5.7 inch display. If Apple is indeed working on this, then the Cupertino company might enter the “phablet” range.

The growing pressure from Samsung has made Apple change the traditional style. Releasing a $99 iPhone, might indeed win over some market share in countries like China but will it affect the brand in a negative way? Well only time will decide.

Like with all rumors, this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Nothing can be confirmed until Apple itself says so. Well what are your thoughts on a $99 iPhone? Drop a comment below.

(Via Reuters)

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