Here Is How To Fix Most iOS 7 Problems – Wait!

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Apple at World Wide Developer Conference unveiled the next operating system for iOS devices. There have been many reviews on iOS 7, each review scrutinizing every nook and cranny of the new operating system. Positive and negative reviews have both poured in from almost every part of the world, but there have been some crazy comments regarding iOS 7 and the bugs present in it. So let’s take a look at how to fix most iOS problems.

Fix iOS 7 Bugs

For those of you who are frantically searching this post on “how to fix iOS 7 bugs”, well let me tell you straight up front. This is not a guide. We are going to simply state some obvious fact about iOS 7.

I don’t think anyone would be unaware of this but people are complaining about the bugs they are facing in iOS 7. And, one of the most common things that people are/were going to face when downloading a beta version is the constant app crashes. If the apps you were using on iOS 6 are crashing on iOS 7, then it is perfectly normal! You don’t need to panic as they are meant to crash on a version which they are not suited for. iOS 6 apps will not work perfectly on iOS 7. Period.

So what you can do to get this thing fixed? Well it is quite obvious, the only solution is to wait for the next beta version. The app crashing is not Apple’s fault and neither is it developers’. It’s a beta version which basically means it is intended only for developers. So next time when someone complains about the iOS 7 beta 1 app crashing, just forward them this article.

iOS 7 iPhone 5

iOS 7 Battery Life

We all have heard about this one. The battery consumption on iOS 7 is huge, literally huge. The battery drain is such a big problem on iOS 7 that people can hardly get 5 – 6 hours of normal usage. Some people are even reporting that the battery lasts for only up to four hours.

Some people on our Facebook page mentioned that using FaceTime on iOS 7 can literally deplete the battery in 15-20 minutes! Okay, now enough of the battery drainage, let’s talk what’s the problem.

As I mentioned above that iOS 7 beta 1, is the first beta of iOS 7, so don’t expect everything to go smoothly. This includes the battery. iOS 7 has not been fully customized to get the best usage of the battery.

This battery nightmare is bound to get better. No, it won’t just instantly get better in iOS 7 beta 2 but it definitely will when Apple releases the public version of iOS 7. Until then, if you have been facing this battery problem, the best is to downgrade to a lower firmware.

How to downgrade iPhone from iOS 7 to iOS 6

iOS 7 Icons Suck

“iOS 7 icons suck!”, “iOS 7 icons are pathetic”, “icons on iOS 7 are the worst thing ever”. These are some of the things you might have been hearing about the new icons on the first beta version of iOS 7.

iOS 7 completely revamps the icons, giving them a more “flatter” look. Something many had been expecting Apple to do so for quite sometime. Well guess what, they finally did give them a more flatter look and they are just “alright”.

I might not be one of those people who are chanting bad things about iOS 7 icons all day long but I do have some “minor” problems with the icons. We were used to the skeuomorphic design of iOS 7, the one with the realistic look. But things have changed and the new icons are here to stay, whether you like them or not.

iOS 7 best image

We should mention here that iOS 7 icons that are currently displayed on the first beta version, might not be the actual thing that Apple releases once this new operating system goes public. According to a leak, Apple is thinking to slightly change the new icons on iOS 7. Which would be a welcome news for many.

For those who would want the old icons back; well you know, we have the awesome jailbreak community with us who are definitely going to release some Cydia tweaks that will bring the old look back.

iOS 7 Bugs Solution

So what’s the solution to all our iOS 7 problems? Well as the title of this post mentions it, it is simply to wait. You can’t do anything about it (unless you are a developer and are genuinely interested in fixing most of the bugs), and you don’t need to do anything about it as Apple engineers are currently doing that for you. In the mean time I suggest you either downgrade to iOS 6 or just don’t complain about it. After all it’s only the first beta version.

Apple is going to release many beta versions in the coming days/weeks. Each new beta version is going to fix many bugs and improve the overall performance of iOS 7. So you might be better of upgrading to a new beta version.

Well what are your thoughts on the overall iOS 7 experience?

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