iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak In Peril After Famed Hacker Announces Switching To Android Over iOS 7 Design

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iOS 7 – “Apple’s most advanced operating system”, truly has divided the iOS community into two factions, one that love iOS 7 and all the features it brings with it, and on the other hand, some people who absolutely despise it. It seems iOS 7 has created a huge impact on the people who have tried it, and one of those is Pod2g – a leading iOS hacker. Well, he is about to switch to Android just because of iOS 7!

If you have been an avid jailbreaker for quite sometime then you would know about Pod2g, he is one of the top hackers in the iOS jailbreaking sphere. He has played an active role in releasing some of the most popular jailbreaking tools, one such recent tool was evasi0n. And, I don’t think you need any introduction to Evasi0n jailbreaking tool.

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Well today Pod2g mentioned something which might sadden many of you who had been looking forward to an early release of iOS 7 jailbreak. He mentions that it is now time to shift to Android because of the way iOS 7 looks.

Check out his tweets below:

It seems we are about to lose a key player in the jailbreaking community. If Pod2g indeed leaves iOS and switches to Android then it would mean the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 might be delayed as Pod2g was one of those hackers who had saved up exploits for future releases.

We should note here that he is “about to”, so it does not mean he has switched to Android yet. Pod2g should read our article on “how to fix most problems in iOS 7“, which details pretty much everything you need to know about iOS 7 problems. Well let’s see if he indeed does leave iOS 7 or Apple changes the design.

Are you going to follow Pod2g’s footsteps and leave iOS and switch to Android? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Ive been an ios user since ios 3.1.3 and i am truly dissapoinyed in ios 7 i wounder if steve jobs would have liked this design :/

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