6 Million Facebook Users Private Details Were Exposed Because Of Technical Flaw!

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Facebook, world’s biggest social networking site recently faced a huge technical flaw and because of this around 6 million users got their phone numbers and e-mail addresses exposed to unauthorized viewers. This bug started invading Facebook accounts since last year and finally now the company issued emails to the users making them aware of this particular flaw. Here are the details.


Facebook made the public announcement on Friday about this flaw and also claimed a bug for causing this problem. In the e-mail, that the company sent to the affected users, Facebook tried to give an explanation as why all this happened. As per the e-mail, the contact information that users upload on Facebook, which includes; phone number and e-mail address is matched by their system with others to generate friend recommendations. But due to this bug when the users downloaded an archive of their Facebook account, they were provided with additional email addresses or telephone numbers of their friends!

When the company addressed this issue, it was resolved within 24 hours and therefore Facebook mentioned in the mail that this error won’t be encountered again. Also Facebook never received a single complaint regarding this issue. This might be because of the fact that those who received this additional information were somehow the individuals already knowing the person.

In the mail the company also ensured the users that Facebook is always very keen to protect the privacy of its users and hence each and every individual working in the company tries his best to provide services that the users deserve.

But the thing most of you will be interested in knowing is that this bug could have been easily exploited and people would have got your your private details without your authorization.

Well you should not worry now as Facebook mentions they have fixed the bug. But nonetheless it would have caused some major security nightmare if someone had your private information.

Well what are your thoughts on this?

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