Surgery To Be Live Streamed From The Operation Theatre Using Google Glass!

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Google Glass! This gadget surely needs no introduction because this is something really different and unique. Google Glass has not been officially released but some lucky developers have already got their hands on this wonderful gadgets and each day there is something new experimented with these Glasses. You might have seen these Google Glasses in the Disney Land or in the showers but this time these Glasses have been used in a very difficult task. Read on to know all the details about an exclusive use of these Google Glasses.


Doctors in Madrid, Spain, are all ready for the worlds first chondrocyte transplant operation, this operation is something really big because this will be live streamed using Google Glasses! The operation will be conducted under the supervision of experts in USA and they will watch and guide the doctors using these Google Glasses!

This crucial operation of chondrocyte transplant will be held on Friday and the patient is a 49-years old man, who is suffering from cartilage injuries. This will be the first operation conducted using Google glass therefore it will make its way straight to record books!

The basic use of Google Glasses in this operation is that it will allow the doctors to keep a continuous contact with experts in USA through internet.

This operation will take place at Madrid’s Cemtro Clinic but at the same time it will be supervised by the experts of Stanford University in the USA. The USA team will be led by Dr Hormero Rivas and his colleagues from Stanford University, while the Spanish team will be under the supervision of Dr Pedro Guillén.

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Here is a good news for all those who wanted to watch this operation live; all internet viewers can watch this operation online, thanks to a Spanish app development company called Droiders.

The Google Glass will show the experts in USA the patient right from the eyes of the person currently wearing them. This will help the experts to answer different questions and exchange their ideas. According to different experts, the Google Glasses will emerge as a revolutionary gadget in the field of health and medicine. These glasses allow doctors to connect with other doctors, where ever they are in the world. It also let them take HD quality pictures and record tons of important information.

Now this is something really big and credit goes to Google, who created such a gadget! So, what are your thoughts about this incredible project?

(Via ABC Spain)

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