Use Your head To Control iPhone & iPad On iOS 7 (Video)

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Although it has been a long time since the release of iOS 7 beta but still all of its features have not been discovered and therefore each day a new update hits the web about a new feature of the iOS. One such hidden feature of iOS 7 that has come to surface is the head movement gesture that allows the user to control their iPhone or iPad through the movement of their head. So let’s checkout how this feature is useful for your.

ipad on ios7

This particular feature is available in the “Accessibility” section of iOS 7. So there you can activate this and make your experience with your iPhone or iPad even more simpler. By moving your head right or left you will be able scroll through the screen and select a particular icon.

Not only this but you can even use the movement of your head to turn on Siri, open Notification Center or the App Switcher. With that increase and decrease of volume can also be controlled by this gesture.

iPhone head movement

As shown in the video, the user moves between the icons on the springboard using the movement of his head and even in order to tap on any of the icon he uses the same thing. So this means that now you don’t even have to raise or move your fingers to change or select anything on your iPhone or iPad. Move your head and the job is done.

This latest technology not only shows the development in the tech world but also highlights Apple’s dedication to bring best and the latest to their customers. Furthermore, the discovery of this feature also means that iOS 7 is still not fully known. There is much more ahead to be discovered.


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