Happy 6th Birthday iPhone! (Infograph)

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29 June 2007, the day Apple changed history. Exactly six years ago today, Apple launched the most successful smartphone in the world – the iPhone. The phone that changed the entire tech landscape has its sixth birthday today. Well, to mark the sixth birthday of the iPhone, here we present to you an infograph showing the success of the iPhone.

Happy Birthday iPhone

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in a historic World Wide Developer Conference, when the late co-founder of Apple announced the smartphone, the crowd erupted in clapping and cheering. People were simply wowed by the amazing features it had, beating every smartphone in the market by a huge gap.

Even after six iterations of the iPhone; people are stunned by the design, simplicity of the most popular smartphone in the world. iPhone was, and is, a true zenith of the smartphone world.

The success of the iPhone can be measured by the amount of revenue Apple has made from it. A staggering $232 billion in revenue since the launch of the first iPhone.

To put the iPhone’s success in a comparison; iPhone sales bring more money to Apple than entire Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Walt Disney! Well, check out this awesome infograph that shows the success of the iPhone.

iPhone birthday

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Well all we can say is happy birthday iPhone!

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