No A5+ Bootroom Exploit In The Near Future

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Even though we do not have any major firmware release coming in the next few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped people in the jailbreaking community from asking questions. So if you had been wondering if there is a current bootrom exploit for A5+ devices, well sorry to say this but there is none. Check out the details below.

For those of you who are uninitiated with the “bootrom exploit”, well basically it is the ultimate exploit any hacker would wish for. With a bootrom exploit, an iOS device can be jailbroken for lifetime! Which as you can imagine is an amazing thing to have.

We currently have a bootrom exploit for A4 devices, such as the iPhone 4 that can be jailbroken for a lifetime using the Limera1n (as you might already know). So do we have an A5+ bootrom exploit? The answer is a sad no.

Musclenerd, a famed iOS hacker who has been responsible for some of the biggest jailbreaking tools mentioned via Twitter that there is no current bootrom exploit for A5+ devices:

Well that surely is bad news for many, but it wasn’t a surprise considering that the latest product that can be jailbroken for life is an iPhone 4, which is almost three years old now.

So does this mean there won’t be any bootrom exploit in future? Let Musclenerd answer this for you:

There is some hope, but don’t get your hopes up for any bootrom exploit in the near future.

The reason why Musclenerd mentions this now is because recently, posixninja, started a new project called “Open Jailbreak“, which is going to focus on finding new exploits for jailbreaks. So some people wondered if they have found a new bootrom exploit for A5+ devices.

Well many people know that we weren’t going to get any bootrom exploit in the near future, but coming from one of the best hackers in the world is surely going to upset some people.

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