Top 5 Free iPad Apps For Practicing Law In 2013!

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Whether its food or games, there are always apps to help you out to choose the best. Even when it’s about studies, preparation for exams or practicing law, applications always help you out to acquire perfection. So in particular if you are a law student and want be more efficient in your profession then practicing is the best way. Therefore we bring you top 5 best iPad apps for practicing law.

iPad Apps For Practicing Law

5. Low Officer Magazine Digital

law officer magazine

Law officer magazine digital is an amazing app on your iPad. This app provides all the information about law, which you will need. This app is featured best in technology and tactics and provides you law enforcement training. It also provides you the current and previous issues present on the app. You can search the issues and if you like any article, then you can even bookmark it. Furthermore, you can also share your thoughts and comments with other readers.

Price: Free

Download Low Officer Magazine Digital.

4. ABA Journal

ABA journal

ABA Journal is a free iPad app and one of the most respected and largest reading legal magazines in the united states that is read by 1.1 million lawyers. It provides latest breaking legal news, updates and also provides the latest articles. By reading them you can enhance your knowledge about the implementation of law and much more.

Price: Free

Download ABA Journal.

3. Westlaw Next


Westlaw Next is again a free app and everyone who is interested in law must have this app on their iPad. This app has many amazing features like folders, history, and documents notes etc. Account on Westlaw Next is required in order to access these features. You can save your document while you are reading and you can even e-mail your documents, make searches, share and organize your folders. All you need is to to  download this cool app on you iPad and take as much benefit as  you can from this app .

Price: Free

Download Westlaw Next.

 2. Fastcase


Fastcase is a legal research app. This means now you don’t need to go to libraries and waste your time and energy by reading random books to sort out cases, rather you can get access to unlimited reading material through this app. Fastcase provides you  a whole digital  library of American cases and statutes  with easy and free search. You can search statutes and other relevant stuff that you might need. You can even bookmark articles and save your files and document through this app.


Download Fastcase.

1. LawStack


LawStock is another cool and amazing app which is free and you must have on your iPad if you are a law student. Lowstock is like a little digital  library in your pocket through which you can do all the lenghty book work for which you have to go to libraries. Lowstock provides you information about US constitutions and federal government. Here too you can make searches and a stock  of your own data. The app also provides you the ability to save your documents and you can also bookmark your favorite items to see them later on.

Price: Free

Download Lowstock.

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