Top 5 Free Music Apps For iPhone In 2013

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Tired of listening the same music on you iPhone’s audio player? It’s time to experience the music in a whole new level and in a way that you are totally going to fall in love with music again. Here at Maypalo we bring you a cool list of top 5 music apps for iPhone in 2013  check out all these cool and amazing apps and get addicted to them.

Best Music Apps For iPhone

5. MusiXmatch lyrics player

MusiXmatch lyrics player

MusicXmatch lyrics player is a free and full time entertaining app. Just listening to music is a kind of old-fashioned thing. Especially for all those folks who like to listen music and want to remember its lyrics, then this is an important app for them, especially for singers. This app provides you a complete range of different types of music including their lyrics also. Connect this app on any source of music or audio with music ID, this app will scan all your music tracks and albums and provide you the lyrics of every song, all you need is to download this cool app and enjoy. Believe me guys it is a unique app for music lovers.

Price: Free

Download MusiXmatch lyrics player.

4. Free Music Download – Mp3 Downloader

Free Music Download

It is a free music download app. On this app you can download unlimited latest music songs and music files. To download music, just tab the screen and it starts downloading with its incredible downloading speed. You can create your own playlists and listen to music of your type. You can also bookmark your favorite music files. While downloading you can listen to music, you can also pause or resume the downloading process. Not only this, you can always watch music videos while you are downloading it.

Price: Free

Download Music Download – Mp3 Downloader.

3. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is a free and one of the most popular music apps on App Store. This app comes with lot’s of features and it provides you more then 1 million songs and music albums and much more music stuff. The coolest thing about this app is that whatever you do on this app is totally free. You can listen free music of your choice no matter where on earth you are, just open this app on your iPhone and enjoy it. Also it has music stations according to music genre. It’s up to you, as which type of music genre you like to listen. Make your-self comfortable with this app and enjoy its brilliant features.

Price: Free

Download Slacker Radio.

2. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is a free and radio type app. In  this app you can do all the fun which you could not do on any other app. This app will let you listen to live radio stations, you can create a station of your own by adding your favorite songs of any artist, you can also bookmark a station if you like it, to listen it later. 15,000  radio stations have much more for you, you can tell them which type of   music you want to listen,  you can share songs, morning shows and sports news on Facebook. Once you start using this app you will never get board again.

Price: Free

Download iHeartRadio.

1. Spotify


Spotify is a free and a whole new-level music app. Here you can chose the song which you want to listen, it has so many radio stations and a complete range of more than million songs. The station you are listening play’s a song or a show is going on the station, you can save it with a single touch on the screen, while you are offline you can also listen to music, share your favorite songs and shows with your fellows. It also allows you to create your playlists and much more. You are definitely going to love Spotify app for the iPhone, so go ahead and download it from the link below.

Price: Free

Download Spotify.

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