A9 Chip For iPhone 7 To Be Produced By Samsung In 2015!

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You definitely read the title right. Samsung is going to produce A9 chips for iPhone 7 in 2015. This kind of seems like an Onion article but in fact this is true. Check out the details below on the A9 chips that Samsung is going to produce for iPhone 7.

Today The Korean Times mentioned in an article that Samsung has won a bid to produce the A9 chips for the next-next and next generation iPhone for Apple. This contradicts a previous report which mentioned that Apple had a contract with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) to build up-coming application processors (AP) for next generation iPhones.

TSMC had won the contract because of a 20 nanometer-technology that would have been used to make up-coming processors for Apple, but Samsung has developed a new technique which uses 14 nanometer-technology. And, because of this, Apple has awarded the contract for application processors to Samsung, which will start producing in 2015.

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So now we know Samsung is going to make the A9 chips for the iPhone 7. But wait, does this really make any sense? iPhone 5S is not even out and here we are talking about the iPhone 7! A smartphone that we, and I think Apple has no idea how it is going to look like or even work. Okay, Apple might know about it, but you get the point.

Well like all rumors you should take this with a pinch of salt, in fact take a handful of salt for this rumor.

What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. I kept saying and nobody believe me: biggest enemy (and from now one biggest A-hole) of Apple is CEO Tim Coock!

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