Apple’s Budget iPhone Looks “Cheap”

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By now probably the entire tech community knows that Apple is going to launch a cheaper iPhone this year. If you think it’s not then you are probably mistaken. But there is one thing that has been running on my mind recently and that is the design/looks of the budget iPhone. Has Apple compromised quality for the budget iPhone?

Budget iPhone Looks

Apple is a company that has been known for their outstanding products. Whenever Apple launches a new product, everyone expects it to be of outstanding quality, and design wise it has to look perfect.

Apple has been keeping this tradition for more than a decade, almost every product released by Apple looks stunning. This is something even Android fans agree on, Apple products no doubt have a higher class.

But is it all about to be changed?

cheap iPhone hand


Apple’s budget iPhone has been leaked so many times that I have lost count. Leaks after leaks have been pouring in regarding the budget iPhone, each one giving almost the same information.

So by now we have an idea on how Apple’s budget iPhone looks like. The pictures above and below should give you an idea on the looks and the overall design of the cheap budget iPhone.

How will I describe this budget iPhone in one word? “Cheap”!

cheap iPhone leaked 2

Yes, “cheap”. Apple’s budget iPhone is not just going to be inferior quality wise, but it will also look cheap.

I’m a big Apple fan and have been using almost every iPhone since the initial launch in 2007 but boy am I disappointed by the looks of this “budget iPhone”.

I should mention here that Apple’s so-called “cheap iPhone” isn’t exactly going to be cheap. According to some analyst it will be priced around $300-350. Which isn’t what many of you will call cheap.

Cheap iPhone leaked

If you look at the design of the budget iPhone or the iPhone lite, whichever one you prefer calling. It looks like an iPhone 3GS except a bit more ‘square-ish’. It features a polycarbonate body (plastic) and will have a flatter back panel and curves to the sides.

This budget iPhone no way looks like a premium product. Now you might comment below saying this is the cheap iPhone, it doesn’t need to look good. Well let me remind you that it will have features of a smartphone that will be considerably less than the phones in the same price range. And, this iPhone looks absolutely not like a product Apple will make.

If Apple does release this exact iPhone (it most likely will), millions of people around the world are going to be disappointed. As would I.

Well what are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy with a budget iPhone, like the ones in the pictures? Let us know.

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2 Comments to Apple’s Budget iPhone Looks “Cheap”

  1. Matthew Rila

    I agree with you on every thing you have said, this is on point. Apple probably wants to feed a different market of people who probably don’t like flashy glass and metal phones.

  2. I like the look of the phone in the photos. Since I have always preferred the hand feel of my old iPhone 3G over my 4s or my husband’s iPhone 5 I expect I would also like the gentle curves of this new phone in my hand. If it combines the thinness of the newer iPhones with the softer hand feel of the older iPhones it will be a perfect product for me.

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