Top 10 Cydia Tweaks For iPod Touch In 2013

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Hey guys if you are finally done with all the jailbreaking process then you must be very desperate to see some cool and amazing Cydia tweaks, if it is so, here at Maypalo we bring you an exciting list of top 10 Cydia tweaks for iPod touch in 2013 see all these amazing tweaks and get the best one for you.

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Best Cydia Tweaks For iPod Touch

10. IntelliScreenX

IntelliScreenX is a cool and amazing Cydia tweak that allow you to see the notification centre on your lock screen and also allow’s to extend the functionality of your notification centre by adding so many cool features; such as, quick-setting widgets which allows you to make some simple settings like brightness control and air plane mode and many more. You can also check your Facebook and Twitter updates and much more. This tweak will save your time which you waste in opening the phone and checking out each and every updates, go ahead and try this awesome tweak.

Price: $9.99

Download  IntelliScreenX from BigBoss Repo.

 9. SBSettings

SBSettings is an another amazing Cydia tweak with lots of cool features for you. SBSettings allow you to move your important toggles like WiFi, Brightness controller, Air plane mode and 3G and much more directly on your Springboard even if some apps are running. just swipe across the status bar or pull it down to use it, you can instantly operate all your important toggles directly from your Springboard without wasting a single minute.

Price: Free

Download SBSettings from BigBoss Repo.

8. Zephyr

All those folks who like multitasking than this is a must have app for them. With Zephyr Cydia tweak you can bring up the App Switcher just by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, this tweak also allow you to close running apps just by swiping them up, also you can switch between apps by sliding them left to right. With this tweak you don’t need to press the home button again and again. All you need is to download this tweak and enjoy it.

Price: $4.99

Download Zephyr from BigBoss Repo.

7. Dashboard X

Dashboard X is a Cydia tweak which allows you to add an extra weight on your Springboard or home screen, while holding your finger on your iPod touch screen, a listing of installed notification widgets will appear from where you can select a widget to place it anywhere on your iPod touch. This tweak will change the look of your iPod touch by adding so many cool and amazing widgets. Hurry up, go ahead and download this app and enjoy its cool features.

Price: $1.99

Download Dashboard X from BigBoss Repo

6. Safari Download Manager.

Safari Download Manager is an another fascinating Cydia tweak and one of the most useful tweak on Cydia store. Safari Download Manager allow you to download more than 10 files at the same time with an incredible speed directly from the Safari. With this tweak you don’t need to wait for a file to download and then wait for another file to get download, as it is a long and a time taking process, you can download millions of files with Safari Download Manager, all you need is to download this tweak and enjoy the downloading.

Price: Free

Download Safari Download Manager from BigBoss Repo.

5. BrowserChooser.

Browser Chooser is a Cydia tweak that allow you to set Chrome as your default browser, if you open a link from another program, it will automatically open, Chrome instead of Safari. The tweak also adds a button to open any page you are viewing in Chrome. Sometimes external links may still open in Safari, but this tweak will force them to open in Chrome. For the working of this tweak all you need to do is install the tweak, respiring, then select Chrome as your default browser in Settings app. If you are addicted to Chrome then you are surely going to love this tweak.

Price: Free

Download Browser Chooser from BigBoss Repo.

4. CyDelete

CyDelete is an another fascinating Cydia tweak. If you want to get ride of some annoying Cydia tweaks, then this is a must have tweak on your iPod touch. This tweak allows you to uninstall Cydia tweaks directly from your Springboard, just place your finger on that tweak which you want to uninstall on hold it like that for a while, a cross will appear on the tweak then press it and you are done. With this tweak you can easily delete Cydia tweaks.

Price: Free

Download CyDelete from BigBoss Repo.

3. Velox

Velox is a Cydia tweak. If you are person who is always in rush then you are surely going to love this tweak because it allows you to check out the notifications for an app by simply swiping up or down on the icon. This saves time and it becomes easy to look for various apps. Another good thing about Velox is that it also allows you to send text messages just by swiping the icons. All you need to do is just swipe the icons and tap on the ‘compose new message’ option and you are done. This really makes work quick and easy.

Price: $1.99

Download Velox form BigBoss Repo.

2. NoLockScreen

NoLockScreen is a free and an amazing Cydia tweak. NoLockScreen allow you to get rid of your lockscreen, all you need is to press the home button or power to go to home screen, without wasting a single second. You can also disable or enable this tweak by going to settings app, go ahead and try this cool Cydia tweak.

Price: Free

Download NoLockScreen from BigBoss Repo.

 1. Barrel

Barrel is one of the most amazing and cool Cydia tweaks. It changes the experience of swiping on your home screen. It uses special graphics, which adds a 3D effect to your screen. It makes your screen rotate inside or outside like a cube. It has also other special effects, which make your screen and icons unique and make your iPhone more stunning. Give it a try as it will leave you amazed.

Price: $2.99

Download Barrel from BigBoss Repo.

Well what are your thoughts on this list? Drop a comment below.

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