Remote Control uTorrent From Your iPhone Without Jailbreak (Guide)

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When it comes to sharing large files among large groups of people, torrents are the top things that come to mind. uTorrent is known to be one of the largest running, and most successful BitTorrent clients, and therefore is used by a huge number of users all around the globe. So you might want to know how to control remote control uTorrent from your iPhone without a jailbreak.


Sometimes when users go for downloading large files than the downloading process takes longer time than normal. Thus they usually let the process continue in background and carry on with their daily work. However, up-til now there was no way to check out the status of your downloads through your iPhone, without jailbreaking it. So therefore here we introduce uTorrent Remote. Through this you will be able  to remotely connect to your uTorrent-running computer to manage your active torrents.

Steps To Control uTorrent From Your iPhone

Step 1: Download uTorrent compatible for either Mac or Windows. You can download it from

Step 2: Now on your iPhone go to in Safari.

Step 3: On reaching the Sign in page, tab the share icon at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Add to home screen’.


Step 4: Then on your computer, go to ‘preferences for uTorrent’ and there select the ‘Remote’ tab.

Step 5: Also check ‘Enable uTorrent Remote’ on the screen.

Step 6: Now simply fill in the name and password and sign in.

Step 7: Switch back to your iPhone and open a new uTorrent. There enter your sign in data that is your name and password, same as you used on your computer.

And you are done. Now you will be able to successfully start, stop and pause torrent files from you iPhone.

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