Realistic Concept Of “Budget” iPhone Lite (Video)

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Although, officially we know nothing about this cheaper version of iPhone (iPhone lite). Not even a confirmation that budget iPhone is actually coming or not, but through leaks and rumored reports we now know lot about this. We now have a concept video that shows how the budget iPhone or the iPhone lite is going to look like if all the rumors are combined. Check it out below.

Though the first impression of this cheap budget iPhone will not be different for you from the current iPhone but a little observation reveals a lot of differences. This concept includes all the features of the rumored iPhone lite, starting from the thickness of the phone that is 9.3mm. This is similar to that of iPhone 4S. Next comes the poly carbonate back of the phone. iPhone 5 has an aluminum back panel, which is sleek and shiny. But, since budget iPhone is a rumored to be a cheap iPhone, thus it will have has a polycarbonate back.

budget iPhone concept

However, iPhone lite is a product of Apple, so the company will not compromise their standards. Therefore, the iPhone lite will have a 5-megapixel iSight shooter, and innards of the iPhone includes a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.0, as well as 4G LTE. The handset also has a length and width similar to that of iPhone 5 – a 4 inch display.

Check out the concept of the budget iPhone lite below:

With all of these specs, the budget iPhone will also be available in different colors, such as green, pink, red, charcoal, cyan, yellow and white. So select your favorite color and simply dazzle.

Putting Apple’s high quality features into a comparatively cheaper phone would have been a tough job for the company’s designers and the output as shown by the video seems pretty impressive. But this not the final version of the phone as there is more to be explored.

Do you like this concept of the budget iPhone?

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