Top 10 Best Free Apps For Shopping In 2013

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If you are addicted to shopping, than you can do this through your very own iPhone. Now you can download some cool and amazing shopping apps which allows you to enjoy shopping right from your home. So here at Maypalo we bring you the list of top 10 apps for shopping in 2013, see all these fascinating app and get the best one for you.

Free Apps For Shopping In 2013

10. ShopStyle by POPSUGAR

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR

ShopStyle by POSUGAR is a free and a must have app for a shopaholic. This app allows you to buy products of many brands. It has a search icon where you can search for the products which you want and has a whole listing of fashionable and designer brands for you. If you like a product then you can save it as you favourite to watch it later, also you can share your favourite products on Facebook and Twitter. You must download this app and enjoy the shopping.

Price: Free

Download ShopStyle by POSUGAR.

9. eBay


eBay is the world’s largest online shopping store and one of the most popular apps on App Store. eBay allows you to shop and sell products online on your iOS Device. You can search for your favourite designer brands and much more with this app. It has a bar code reader which allows you to recoganise the product. Also you can set notification alerts on your favourite item to alert you, if your favourite item is ending. Hurry up, step forward and download eBay and experience the online shopping on your iOS device.

Price: Free

Download eBay.

8. GoodGuide


GoodGuide is a free and one of the most useful app on App Store, which makes shopping more safe and beneficial. It includes more than 65,000 products details and basic facts. It is also accompanied with a bar code reader which makes it easy for you to search better things quickly. It work very fast and guides you in all possible ways and you can view comments and e-mail of other user and can share your feed back on Facebook and Twitter all you need it to download this app and take as much benefit as you can.


Download GoodGuide.

7. Google Shopper

Google Shopper

Google Shopper is free and amazing app. Which provides information on more than millions of brands and products, it has a bar code reader which helps you to recognise the product this app also contain voice search feature to make your browsing more comfortable and text search feature too. Make your own shopping list and share it with your fellows on Face book and twitter.

Price: Free

Download  Google Shopper.

6. Amazon Mobile

amazon mobile

Amazon Mobile is a free and a must have app on your iPhone. You can now order anything you want directly to your door steps. This app syncs with the website and allows you to buy anything you want. It is just like using the website from your iPhone. The best part is that you can also click picture of the product you want and the product will be automatically be searched on the web. It is a perfect app for those who want to just shop, shop and shop but while sitting on their couches.

Price: Free

Download Amazon Mobile

5. Groupon


Groupon is a free and a must have app for those folks who always look for discounts and budgets. So the Groupon is the iPhone app just for you. It also enables you to plan your vocations and can also enjoy good number of restaurants deals. You can enjoy this app in more than 500 cities and can experience amazing deals. You can directly order them to your doors and can save a bunch of money. Go ahead and download this app.

Price: Free

Download Groupon.

4. Shop for Me

Shop for Me

Shop for Me is a cool and amazing app. Shop for Me allows you to search for any product across multiple online stores, you can also search on other websites without leaving the app. This app also provides each and every information about the products you want with just a single tap. Bookmark your favourite product for offline watching and also you can share products details on Facebook and twitter.

Price: Free

Download Shop for Me.

3. Shop Local

shop local

If you get confused where to go for shopping and can’t figure out a place. Then this is a must have app for you guys. This app provides you the locations and every detail of nearest market or mall and also, you can save or bookmark the store locations and details to watch it later. With its bar code scanner you can scan any item and which will help you to know its price and other details. Go ahead and try this awesome app.

Price: Free

Download Shop Local.

2. Shopping by The Find

Shopping by The Find


Shopping by The Find is a fascinating app, that allows you to search the nearest stores and markets. It also has a bar code through which you can scan the products. You can also share searched items details with your friends, set a notification alert on scanned items so you can never miss out on a deal and also you can create a shopping list of your own. Make your self comfortable with this app.

Price: Free

Download Shopping by The Find



Redlaser is another great app with lots of exciting features, which make shopping more fun and easy. RedLaser works as a bar code reader, which scans and provides you the basic information of the product which makes it easy for the users to search the item they need and from where they can buy it in the lowest price. You can also view the feedback of customer regarding the product and the app. It scans bar codes, UR codes and UPC codes. You can search for market places, nutritional information and can also share your feedback and comments.

Price :Free

Download RedLaser

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