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How to unlock iPhone? What is the best method to unlock an iPhone? A question that has been asked by many people, and one that is going to be asked for time to come. Well, don’t worry folks as we have the answer. We have the best method that will tell you how to unlock an iPhone. So check out below and find out the best method on “how to unlock an iPhone”.

How To Unlock iPhone

UPDATE: As of 2014 we do not recommend OfficialiPhoneUnlock as it is no longer trusted by

Everyone loves an iPhone that’s why they are in such a demand. But iPhones are pretty expensive, so people opt for the option of buying them through a contract (which usually turns out to be more expensive in the long run). The problem with buying an iPhone via contract is that they are normally locked to a specific network, which means you can’t use them on another network. A bit annoying if you travel to different countries, as your iPhone will be useless. But don’t worry, as now you can unlock your iPhone.

unlock Gevey Ultra S iPhone 4S

Why Unlock An iPhone?

So why should you unlock your iPhone even if you don’t move to other countries or never require another network? The answer is common sense; there is something better around the corner.

Those people who buy contract iPhones end up paying much more than those who have factory unlocked iPhone. Getting your iPhone unlocked means you can shift to a new carrier and pay less fee. Which is obviously great if you are saving money.

Another benefit of using an unlocked iPhone is that whenever you update your iPhone to a latest firmware, your iPhone might get locked – again, being useless (it will get locked if you are not using the original SIM). So as you can imagine getting your iPhone unlock is great.

But the problem is how to unlock an iPhone?

iPhone 4 unlock wings

Best Way To Unlock iPhone

As you can imagine unlocking an iPhone is big business. There are literally thousands – if not hundreds of thousands of websites and other small business claiming to unlock an iPhone. It is such a big business that people simply set up fake sites and claim that they can unlock an iPhone. Which is obviously fake.

So how can we differentiate between the fake sites and the real ones that can unlock iPhone? Well folks, we have done the hard work for you, as we have searched many sites and found the best way to unlock an iPhone. Check out below on which is the best site to unlock an iPhone.

But before you actually head over and get your iPhone unlocked, you will need to know which carrier your iPhone is locked too. Not all iPhone unlocking services unlock iPhones – some do for only a limited carriers.

The site we have unlocks all carriers world-wide. So if you are not exactly sure which carrier your iPhone is locked to, so don’t worry as you still get your iPhone unlocked.

iPhone factory unlock

The site OfficialiPhoneUnlock can unlock your iPhone for a very good price. So, you can be sure that you are not paying a lot for getting your iPhone unlocked. As mentioned above you can get your iPhone unlocked on any carrier world-wide!

You can unlock these iPhones:

  • iPhone 5.
  • iPhone 4S.
  • iPhone 4.
  • iPhone 3GS.

As this is a factory unlocking method for iPhone, then you do not need to worry about which baseband your iPhone is on or which firmware it is running. Your iPhone can be unlocked on even the latest iOS 7!

So for your question on how to unlock iPhone, simply click on the link below and you will get your iPhone unlocked in no time!

Click here to unlock iPhone!

jailbreak unlock iPhone 4


Well that’s basically it folks. We recommend using the above link for getting your iPhone unlocked.

There are many ways to get your iPhone unlocked but the best way is to get the factory unlock solution. So you will have no problem in future regarding unlocking an iPhone.

As always we are here to help you regarding any problem. So if you have any question regarding this “how to unlock iPhone” post, then simply leave a comment below and we will get to you.

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  1. It’s been long time about the problem on how to unlock iphone specially the bb 4.12.01 on ios 5.1.1; at present in the South East Asia the expensive smart phone such as iphone and Samsung is no longer indemand; since many local manufacturer producing cheap phone such as MyPhone, Lenovo, cherry Mobile starmobile and many others can do what this expensive smatphone. Base on the “why high end smartphone do not lead the south east asia market”. as stated the rise of local brands in countries such as Philippines and Indonesia has resulted in the growing market share of those of the 50$-100$ price segment-the budget price range which bridges the transition from basic mobile phones to smartphone. and its true here in the Philippines local manufacturer are already strong compitator of high-end smartphone.

  2. Why do you promote ” OfficialiPhoneUnlock” ? My experience with them is very bad..quick to take your money but no unlocking. It is now 3 months that I am waiting, No refund either.
    Their statements on their website is mis-leading. They will take your money in seconds but forget about you after !!! Meirv

    • Maypalo keeps associating themselves with that fraud site… don’t get me wrong, I love maypalo but a lot of people are scammed by the site they are promoting.

    • Same here.
      I saw the post in maypalo and then I put pre-ordered at them.It has been over a month(almost two), and status is still on pre-ordered.Their site says they can unlock in few days?!Then what?
      I am asking to refund the money back.I think they won`t cause they are scammers.

    • I agree with Meirv…..they took my 202$ for Japan Softbank and didnt even unlock neither refund……the worst site ever…I already informed about mr. Farhan about this scam site……..i would recommend maypalo fans to use or or They just charge you 30 cents for atnt unlock….and other networks are cheap too. Just register on the site, buy credit and start unlocking……

  3. Softbank Hater

    I know the answer to my question is probably going to be a big no but I would still like to confirm if with the new ios 7 there is any hope for iphone 4 Softbank Japan users to get an unlock at a cheaper price?
    Thanks for your time!

  4. OfficialiPhoneUnlock is a fraud

    It is so unfortunate that a reliable site like maypalo recommends officialiphoneunlock as the site is a big fraud. It keeps the money and the reason for not unlocking your phone is that your phone is blacklisted/blocked even when you are able to use that phone on the locked network. I hope maypalo issues a notice disassociating itself from this fraud site to keep its users safe from fraud.

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