Top 10 Most Amazing Free Cydia Apps For 2013

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Cydia apps are those amazing features of the iWorld that actually convince an iDevice user to jailbreak their device and get it loaded with lots of such apps. Previously, Maypalo has brought for its readers exclusive lists of  best free Cydia apps.  So this time too, we are bringing for you a list of top 10 most amazing free Cydia apps for 2013.

Amazingly Best Free Cydia Apps

10. Go Desk Moonlight Pond Cydia Tweak


If you love nature and its creatures and are looking for a wallpaper which can portray the actual beauty with animations, then here it is. Go desk Moonlight Cydia app has live wallpaper for your iOS device. The tweak provides you a variety of scenes like dragon flies flying in the sky or even frogs hoping from place to place. This is a very easy and fun to use app which makes your iDevice more refreshing.

Download Go Desk Moonlight pond Cydia tweak from Bigboss repo.

9. Music Box Cydia App


This is something very attractive for music lovers. Music Box is that amazing Cydia app which not only allows you to search but also download and play music for free. Moreover, this tweak also keeps you updated about the new songs weekly. Hence you can search millions of songs and can even download them for free. So if you love music then this Cydia app is a must have.

Download Music Box from BigBoss repository.

8. Picnic Cydia App

Picnic is again one of best free Cydia app for theme available in the Cydia Store. It consists of such great icons that you will surely fall in love with them. There are more than 120 different icons from which you can choose your favorite one. For each icon there are plenty of designs and they all look different. Picnic also allow you to add another grid of icons to your home page, so this is the only Tweak which gives the best look and an additional grid too, to your iPhone.

Download Picnic Cydia App From BigBoss repo.

7. GroupSend Cydia App

As the name says, GroupSend is the Cydia app which allow you to send group SMS’s to as many contacts as you want. The best part is all you need to do in order to use the app is just tap the contacts to whom you want to send the messages and one after other, the entire list will be created. After that just tap on the send key and your message will be sent to all marked contacts, in a couple of seconds.

Download GroupSend Cydia from BigBoss repo.

6. AptBackup Free Cydia App


Whenever you update your iPhone to a new firmware version than all your beloved Cydia apps are lost, which means you have to start from the very beginning to collect them all again. But AptBackup has solved this problem too. This free Cydia app simply makes a backup copy of the list of jailbroken Cydia apps in your iPhone and then reinstalls them easily once the updating to new firmware version is completed. This app is no doubt extremely useful and cost-free.

Download AptBackup Cydia App From BigBoss Repository.

5. Slide2kill Cydia App


If you want to speed up your iDevice and save its battery too, then Slide2kill is a must have cydia app for you. Most of times, when you open an app you forget to close it, leaving it running in background. This eats lots of battery power. Slide2kill plays its role here and allows you kill all the app running in the background quickly. In order to close a background apps you just have to hold the app with your finger and swipe it down. This app is quite simple to use but very effective for saving battery.

Download Swipe2kill from BigBoss Repo.

4. Safari Download Manager

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Safari Download Manager is surely another useful apps available in the Cydia Store. This is because it allows you to download more than 10 files at a time  directly from Safari. You can download millions of applications through this tweak. For the operation of this tweak, all you need to do is download Safari download Manager.

Download Safari Download Manager App from BigBoss Repo

3. SLightEnhancerSearch Cydia App

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Although the name is quite difficult but this Cydia app is very beneficial for searching because it adds another option to your boring spotlight search. The app allows you to search Google, YouTube and some other top websites, straight from your iPhone’s spotlight. The tweak does not show any icon on the homepage and you can enable it via Activator in settings and can search right from the spotlight of you iPhone.

Download SLightEnhancerSearch Cydia Tweak from BigBoss repo.

2. Activator Free Cydia App

Activator is an amazing Cydia app that gives you updates about the activities going on in you device. The small icons that are displayed on the screen, for example when your iPhone is connected to the charger, are indications the device is being charged. It’s an extremely advanced and helpful app. Furthermore, through this you can also update your locations, add icon to menus, add handset connected or not events and much more.

Download  Activator Free Cydia  App from BigBoss Repository.

1. SBSetting Free Cydia App

SBSetting is that special cydia app for which all iPhone users want to jailbreak their phones, as this app is free and provides shortcuts to all those options that are mandatory to be used almost everyday. SBSetting directly takes you to WiFi, Bluetooth etc. With that it even frees the memory of your iPhone. Thus this cydia app is on the top of the list of best free cydia apps.

Download SBSettings Free Cydia App from BigBoss Repository.

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