How To Get Unlimited Free Candy Crush Lives

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Candy Crush is undoubtedly one of those addictive games that needs no introduction. This puzzle game that might look simple at the beginning, drives you crazy in just few levels. But sometimes, when you are at the peak of excitement for the game, suddenly your lives finish and the game provides you options to either spend some dollars or beg you friends for a life. Otherwise you have to wait for some half an hour to get back your lives. Therefore we have brought you this guide about how to get unlimited free Candy Crush lives.

Free Lives On Candy Crush


In the game, you are displayed with a lot’s of different colored candies that you have to match in the pair of three or more to clear them. Each time you try to score higher than your friends but some levels are too hard to be cleared in one try. So in such cases you have try again and again to clear it. However, unfortunately Candy Crush offers you only five lives at a time and once you get over them then you have to wait for at least thirty minutes to get your lives back. Well there is a way to get free Candy Crush lives!

No need to worry because Maypalo has brought you a cheat, through which you can trick the game. In this player actually manually changing the smartphone’s internal clock to bypass the waiting period and trick the game into replenishing his lives without the actual passage of time.

Follow the few simple steps below to get your Candy Crush lives refilled.


Step 1: Once your lives are over, end the game and go to the internal clock of your smartphone. If you are an iPhone user then tap the main Settings icon followed by the General option and Date & Time.

Step 2: Now manually change the time of your phone. Make sure to set your time at least two and half hours or a full calendar day ahead to ensure all five lives get replenished. For iPhone, toggle off the Set Automatically time option, select Set Date & Time and use the vertical slider to set time or date that you want for the game.

Step 3: Now head back to the Candy Crush and you will have free full lives.

If you have followed all the steps carefully you should have free Candy Crush lives, whenever you want!

But there is a slight catch. If you reset your time you might be many cycles back, which means you will have to wait a very long time. In order to avoid this complication, simply uninstall the game and then install it again.

Did you find this guide to get free Candy Crush lives helpful enough?

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1 Comment to How To Get Unlimited Free Candy Crush Lives

  1. There is no need of uninstalling app in order to get the regular automatic time by following these steps
    1.while the clock of the phone is made to forward by few hours manually ,switch to the app and the lives will be full by default on the phone
    2.after you see complete lives on the candy crush game(i.e 5 ) just click home button and navigate to the time zone and set it to automatic and open the app
    3.There you go no glitch and can be done unlimted times so you don’t have to worry about change in time on your phone 😉

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