Download PirateBrowser For Windows & Mac To Access All Blocked Content!

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The Pirate Bay ( that is one of the leading websites for downloading torrents, is also quite popular for its dissident attitude towards government censorship and anti-piracy corporate policies. This time on their 10th anniversary they have taken a new step, that is; Pirate Bay has launched a fully equipped web browser that allows the user to easily access the content on web that have been blocked by governments from around the world.

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This browser which allows you to access all blocked content on the web has been named as the PirateBrowser. Once you download PirateBrowser, you will be able to access all blocked content from around the world. Especially useful for people in countries such as; China, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and United Kingdom, where government monitors and blocks content they deem inappropriate for people.


The best part about this web browser is that it is completely free, which means everyone can use it without spending a penny. But it is not as fast as the high-quality, paid VPN solutions around the web. But nonetheless it is a great start.

Now let’s see how it actually works. Tor that is ‘The Onion Router” allows its users to connect randomly to one of three thousand Tor relays in order access blocked content, which hides their internet activity and helps them to bypass blocked content. The network relies on the donated bandwidth of volunteer users and organizations from around the world.


You must be wondering how to use this web browser so that you can easily access the blocked content by the government. To do so simply enable ‘Help censored users reach the Tor network’ from Tor Control Panel > Settings > Sharing.

Currently, it is available only for Window users but it is expected that it will expand soon and will be available to download for Mac as well. But until then if you have Windows you can download PirateBrowser. To download PirateBrowser simply head over to


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