Your Smartphones Are Soon Going To Replace Opticians!

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No Doubt technology is the medium that is actually filling the flaws in our lives and making our lives simpler and easier. But adding comfort and luxury to life is not the limit line of technology, rather at some places it works as a basic need provider too. One such use of a smartphone that has popped up recently is that smartphones are being used for the treatment of optical disabilities. With your phone you can now check and cure optical diseases!


Lack of basic infrastructure has always been major a reason for the poor health system in various parts of the world. Since people cannot get to hospitals and medical treatments, thus they suffer severe diseases. However, portable technology can easily be taken to the patients and hence there disabilities can be identified and then further treated to avoid life hazards.

You must be wondering whether such technology exists or not. So here we tell you that an experiment is being conducted by Dr Andrew Bastawrous of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in Kenya. He has introduced a new method through which people who are suffering from any optical disabilities, especially cataracts can be examined for the identification of the disease, without actually making then travel to the hospital.

He himself says, “A lot of the hospitals are able to provide cataract surgery which is the most common cause of blindness, but actually getting the patient to the hospitals is the problem”.


This is done through the smartphones that are being commonly used throughout the world and can be taken to everywhere very easily. He has named this solution smartphone app called Peek (Portable Eye Examination Kit) that he has been experimenting on 5,000 people in Kenya.

It uses the camera to scan the lens of the eye for cataracts. Whereas for the basic vision test a shrinking letter which appears on-screen is used. And the camera’s flash light is also used to illuminate the back of the eye, the retina, to check for disease.

After making all the observations, the images and the details are sent for further examinations to top hospitals, and if someone has found to be suffering from a disease, then medical treatment is provided to him.

This initiative in the medical field shows how technology is making its place in the medical world and how, in the coming years it is going to facilitate us.

What do you think about this particular aspect of modern technology?

(Via BBC)

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