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Bringing something unique and new to the market is usually called innovation, but continuing that product with few upgradations each year is not something innovative. This is not our criteria for ranking innovative companies but it seems as if Forbes is considering this thing for judging companies for its list of world’s most innovative companies. And therefore, it has dropped Apple’s ranking to 79th position, which means Apple is losing its innovation.

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If we have a look through Apple’s releases for the last few years then the fruit company has just released newer versions of iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBooks. There is nothing new that the company has launched. May be this is the reason that Apple has dropped from its 5th position to 79th.

However, we should also put some light on to the facts that how innovatively the company is transforming its products each year. Now, as per rumors, Apple is also up to releasing a new budget iPhone for those who cannot afford the expensive iPhone.


This ranking has put the higher authorities of the company to some distress that they have started getting worried about the company’s ability to innovate, and they have even spoken with Tim Cook about it.

This is definitely going to effect the investors choice for Apple too. Also, the reason that Bruce Upbin, managing editor of Forbes, presented for company’s downfall is also related to its stock price for the previous year. He says,

Apple’s ranking dropped because of what happened to the stock [price] in the last year. Its ranking is a proxy of what investors think of the future of the company.

But it’s not only Apple that has lost its position, rather Google, the company that has been working of wearable gadget like Google Glass, has also fallen to the number 47 from 7. This again seems to be quite confusing.

The ranking of two such leading company put us to in doubt whether follow this list or not.

Do you think Apple has become less innovative then before? Drop a comment below.

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4 Comments to Apple Is Not An Innovative Company: Forbes

  1. If Steve Jobs were to be alive, he will never agree to produce cheaper and lower quality version of iphone. I wonder Tim Cooks can lead?

  2. Every new iphone release is only minor improvement to speed, graphics, thickness, weight. OMG
    Nothing else?

  3. meaning of inovation is itroducing something new, I think Ios, siri, or operating system of phone is not considered an inovation. Inovation is s0mething new gadget differ from all aspect as in whole if i’m not wrong.

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