Nike’s Fuelband Developer Working On iWatch

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Rumors about the Apple’s upcoming iWatch are getting really interesting these days.  Although there were already rumors about the iWatch but nothing was confirmed but this time some very important people are working with Apple, in order to accomplish the best ever smart watch. What is the new story? Here are the details:

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Nike is a sports company which needs no introduction and one of the most important member of the Nike family is Jay Blahink, who is a well-known fitness expert and the main developer of the Nike FuelBand. According to a new report it is expected that Jay is soon going to work with Apple on one of the most awaited project, the iWatch.

Jay is among those developers, who have been working on such projects for a long time. From the past few years Jay has been involved in consulting different people from Gatorade to General Electrics for various projects but now he has made his way to the Apple company.

This news was disclosed when Jay replied to one of his friend on twitter, who was asking about the upcoming plains. The reports also says that Jay finally waved good-bye to the Nike family and was warmly welcomed in his dream company, Apple. There was a huge party thrown for his honor and many of his mates tweeted that they’ll be missing Jay Blahnik.

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The reason for his direct entry in Apple‘s office is his huge contribution towards the development of the FuelBand. According to the company Jay has worked as an important part of the company and the company said that he was ‘integral’ towards the FuelBand and other projects.

The iWatch is going to be sensational device with many fitness and other health tracking features. So it is obvious that a fitness guru was required to add some unique aspects to iWatch. Jay said that his final dream has come true and at last he has made his way to the dream company!

When it comes to the release date of this gadget it is not expected this year but maybe next. While on the other hand, rumors say Samsung will be releasing its smart watch by the 4th of September.

Now the expectations for the iWatch are getting higher and higher, especially after the involvement of a fitness guru. Well a for a good gadget you some good developers too.

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