OpenJailbreak Goes Live: Let’s You Help Create Jailbreaks!

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OpenJailbreak has now gone live. It is the first ever true jailbreak related site which is devoted to creating a jailbreak and for sustaining jailbreaks for the future. is a central repository for all things related to jailbreak. Check out the details on this newly opened project called the “OpenJailbreak”.


We previously mentioned about this OpenJailbreak project which was initially started by posixninja a.k.a Joshua Hill, who is a famed iOS hacker. At that time we weren’t sure what it was going to be about, many guessed it was going to be something related to the iOS 7 jailbreak (it almost is). Well finally the curtain over the OpenJailbreak project has been lifted and we now know what it’s about., is the newly formed site which is going to act like a central repository for jailbreak related content. If you are a developer/hacker then this is something definitely for you.

You will finally be able to help create a jailbreak!



So let’s dig into the details.

First of all if you were thinking this is a site where you will be able to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then let me say it first; it’s not! You won’t be able to jailbreak your iOS device using the OpenJailbreak project. But what it actually will do is, help developers/security researchers around the world create jailbreaks.

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Although this OpenJailbreak will not directly impact you, but it would have a good benefit to the jailbreak community. It would be now much faster and easier for a new jailbreak to be released.

Before people who worked on jailbreaks were mostly solo but some made up teams such as the Evasion, Absinthe, Greenposion. Even then it was too difficult to work together. With the OpenJailbreak, each developer will submit their workings on the site and other developers will be able join in.

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This is definitely great news for the jailbreak community who in the end will benefit from projects like these.

So we are in the initial stage and more work is to be done on it. As new and more exciting stuff is added to it, we will post it on our site. So make sure you stay tuned.

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