Samsung Confirms Galaxy Gear Smart Watch For September 4!

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Analysts say that the coming time will be ruled by wearable technology and therefore almost all the leading tech companies are rumored to have been working on something that will contribute to this advanced wearable future. But currently, competition was that who will be the one taking first step in this race. Today, we finally have the confirmation on the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch. It is going to be releaved on 4 September!


A lot of information about the Galaxy Gear has been leaking out for weeks in bits and pieces. However, today Samsung Executive Vice President of Mobile, Lee Young-hee finally spoke to The Korea Times and confirmed that the Galaxy Gear smart watch would be unveiled in Berlin on Sept. 4.

Apart from Samsung, Apple too was reported to have been working on iWatch and many specs about it also got leaked but fruit company never confirmed any of them. Furthermore, Google is also working on a very advanced wearable technology called the Google Glass, which you might have already heard. But again there is now confirmed news on when it is going to be released. Thus, it seems as if Samsung took the advantage and broke the silence by annoucing its Galaxy Gear.

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The reported features of Galaxy Gear includes a 2.5-inch display, with 320 x 320 resolution, a dual core processor and Bluetooth 4.0. It will have android as its major OS. And, it would not feature Samsung’s fledgling flexible display tech.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Gear will be more like a smartphone accessory than an individual gadget. Therefore, it will require an app provided through the Samsung dedicated app marketplace in order to work exclusive to Samsung’s own smartphones. We can also say that the Korean company is confining its product to its smartphone only.

So if you are a Samsung gadget lover then wait for 4 September to get your smart watch. Thoughts?

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