How To Fix SimCity Installation Errors & Problems For Mac (Guide)

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By now most of you will probably be aware that SimCity has been released for MacBooks. One of the most anticipated games coming out of EA this year is finally available on Apple’s operating system. Initially it was delayed for Mac so to ensure “a great experience for players”. After a five months delay, it finally landed on the Origin store where you could purchase the SimCity 2013. But guess what folks? The launch has been overrun by problems and errors regarding the installation of SimCity. So here we present to you a complete guide on fixing all SimCity installations errors and problems.

Fix SimCity Installations Errors

SimCity forums have been run over by angry EA fans who are renting out their frustration regarding problems with the game. Mac users expected a smooth installation, after all Maxis, the developers of the game had a complete five months to make things work. But boy where we wrong.

According to Maxis only a small fraction of SimCity users have been affected by these problems, but to me it seems like a huge majority are actually affected. Most of the people I know who purchased SimCity have faced installation problems – which includes me as well.

So how do you fix these SimCity installation errors and problems? Well we are going to show you how.

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System Not Supported SimCity Error

This has made a lot of EA fans angry. EA debuted the game, promising that SimCity will run on all versions above Mac OS X 10.7, but as you know with EA they kind of failed this promise.

If you have been facing the “system not supported” error while trying to install SimCity, it is because you might be running OS X 10.7.4. Although EA advertised the game saying it would support all versions of OS X 10.7 but now we are find out that it won’t. So if you are on 10.7.4, there is no option but to update to a higher version.

If you are on 10.7.4 then you might face some problems regarding updating with the usual method. If aren’t able to update to a new version, please visit our homepage, where we will have a guide on updating it.

But for the rest of the folks, simply update to a new version and you are good to go.

OS X 10.7.5 Error

I’m not OS X 10.7.5 but still can’t install them game, what should I do? Some users have faced this problem. If you are facing this problem then you need to use Origin as a beta user. To do that follow the steps below:

    • Open Origin.
    • Select Origin > Application Settings.
    • Under GENERAL ensure “Origin Beta Participation” is checked.
    • Close Origin.
    • Restart your Mac.
    • Load Origin and it should automatically update.
    • Install SimCity.

That should fix your SimCity installation problem.

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SimCity MutexAlert Error

Many people messaged saying they are facing this MutexAlert error on SimCity. This is due to some unknown language bug. Fortunately EA has fixed this bug in an update. So you won’t face this problem.

You should update your Origin. Follow the steps below to fix this MutexAlert error.

STEP 1: If SimCity is open, close it.

STEP 2: Change your language back to the default on your OS.

STEP 3: Restart your Mac.

STEP 4: Origin will update itself. The new version fixes this bug.

Hopefully the above should fix your SimCity error.

SimCity Installation Button Error

You are clicking on the installation button on SimCity but clicking it, it does nothing. Don’t worry you haven’t bought the wrong SimCity, it is just a bug that is causing this type of error.

If you click on the installation button and even if it does not show an error, you have to follow the procedures below.

You will need to be on the beta of Origin. To get to this simply follow the methods which were mentioned above (under OS X 10.7.5 error). That should fix this installation button error.

Note: For best results try an AppCleaner to find and remove any instances of SimCity game.

SimCity OS X 10.9

I don’t really blame EA on this game. Those people who are running the latest build – that is the beta version of OS X 10.9 Mavericks might face some installations problems for SimCity.

This is a beta version so you can’t really blame EA on this one. But nonetheless EA has issued a statement saying that they are looking into this and will get back soon.

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Those are some of the common errors and problems users might face while trying to download and install SimCity.

The game itself is quite great, but the opening has been bad. We surely expected better from EA after all Mac users waited almost five months more.

Well if you have installed SimCity or are trying to install it but are facing problems and errors then comment below and we will help you out.

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2 Comments to How To Fix SimCity Installation Errors & Problems For Mac (Guide)

  1. I installed it fine, I opened it once and there was a minor glitch in the graphics. So I closed it, when I tried to open it again it wouldn’t even start to open.
    I went into applications and Sim City had a cross over it, when I click to open it from there it says its not supported on this type of mac…
    I am so fucking angry, is there a solution for this? I’m trying to update from OSX 10.7.5 to the new one, but I don’t understand why it would open once and then not work at all…???????!!!!!

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