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We are closer than ever to Apple’s big media event where Apple is expected to unveil the next generation iPhones. But have you thought about the next-gen iPad – the iPad 5? Recently there have been almost zero good leaks regarding this iteration of the iPad. Well that is changing,  as we now have the leaked video of the iPad 5. Check out the HD leaked video of the iPad 5 embedded below.

iPad 5 Leaked Video

Apple in the past has been very secretive of its products. They were locked behind tight doors and were transported to different areas secretively. Apple was so secretive about its products that they even had their own “Apple police”.

Well it seems like they are not doing a good job, as we now have a major leak regarding the iPad 5. iPad 5 has been leaked in a YouTube video and that too in HD quality.

iPad 5 video


Unboxtherapy has apparently leaked the shell of the iPad 5, and compares it to the current iPad – the iPad 4 generation. As you can see from the video embedded below; the iPad 5 has a smaller form factor and similar to that of the iPad mini – which has been talked in the past.

Well without wasting much time, check out the leaked video of the iPad 5 below – it’s in HD by the way.

The form factor is no doubt smaller and the overall look feels that of an iPad mini. The person does mention that he can hold the entire iPad 5 in one hand but it also depends on the size of your hand.

Well folks that was the leaked video of the iPad 5. If any thoughts then simply leave a comment below.

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