Going To Update To iOS 7? Read This First! (Must-Read)

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iOS 7 public release is only a couple of hours away. This is going to be the biggest iOS update in Apple’s history. Apple has completely revamped iOS 7 and this is the first time an iOS firmware release has generated so much hype. But before actually updating to iOS 7 there are a few things you must know; these are important, so it’s a must read. Check out some important information below.

iOS 7 Update

Apple is going to release the public version of iOS 7 today. If you are not sure what time it is going to be released, do check out our iOS 7 city timetable. For those of you who are waiting for iOS 7 public release there are a few important things you should know.

Do not directly jump in and start downloading iOS 7, otherwise you might face some unexpected problems or in the worst case scenario – even get your iPhone locked! So check out below some important tips before updating to iOS 7.

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No Jailbreak For iOS 7

This might be the number one reason why you might not upgrade to iOS 7. If you are on a jailbreak-compatible version of iOS, then you might think not to upgrade to iOS 7.

If you are currently on iOS 6.1.2 & below and want to keep your untethered jailbreak status, then do not update to iOS 7! If you do update to iOS 7 then you are definitely going to lose your jailbreak status and all the other perks that come with it.

So if you want to continue with the jailbreak, do not update to iOS 7.

But you might have seen some iOS 7 jailbreak pictures/videos and think that jailbreak is ready. Let me tell you that it is going to take a lot of time before iOS 7 gets jailbroken untethered. There is no time frame on the waiting period so no point in updating it.

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SAM Unlock iOS 7

This one is super important! If you rely on carrier unlocking then DO NOT update to iOS 7. If you do then you are definitely bound to lose your unlock status, as well as your iPhone. And, a locked iPhone is useless.

If you have SAM unlock on your iPhone and were thinking to update to iOS 7, I suggest you to wait on this one. SAM unlock has not been confirmed to work on iOS 7 (we have not tested this yet). So the best option is to wait until we can confirm if SAM works on iOS 7.

Those of you with other unlocking methods should also wait and do not update to iOS 7. You will most likely get your iPhone locked!

Back Up Before Updating

I can’t stress enough on how important this is. You have to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch before updating to iOS 7. As this is preliminary iOS 7 version, you might face some bugs and other problems. In the worst case scenario you might lose all of your data if you do not back up before downloading and installing iOS 7.

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Well that’s about it.

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