iOS 7 Problems & Errors: A Complete List!

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iOS 7 is out and if I’m not mistaken, millions of people around the world have already downloaded it. The first iOS to be completely revamped since the original release. The changes are so big that you might find some problems in it – which is to be expected. Well that’s where we come. If you have any iOS 7 problems or are facing iOS 7 errors – this is a post for you.

Apple released iOS 7 to the public on 18 September 2013, the most awaited operating system of the year for Apple fans was out. The release of iOS 7 was so huge that it caused network outages in many parts of the word, especially the United States. Many schools, colleges and universities reported network outages because so many people were trying to download iOS 7 at the same time.

In terms of the sheer number of downloads – iOS 7 was a success!

People flocked to Twitter and other social media sites to give feedback of iOS 7. Although the initial response of iOS 7 (beta) was somewhat negative, but the public released was the opposite. Many people around the world gave a positive feedback.

But as you might guess, there were some problems. iOS 7 problems and errors.

iOS 7

iOS 7 Problems

iOS 7 had seven beta releases before the Gold Master version was released to the public. As iOS 7 has gone through seven beta stages, you can be pretty sure that it has been thoroughly tested and re-tested.

But as humans are prone to error, you are bound to face some errors in iOS 7, some of these errors might cause a lot of problem – although no major iOS 7 problem has been reported so far.

That’s where you come in.

If you have download and installed iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and are facing some problems and errors; we want you to tell us.

What’s the point? We are going to help you, help yourselves.

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How are you going to help in fixing iOS 7 problems and errors? It’s simple, you leave a comment below.

In the comment section below we want you to mention what kind of errors or problems you are facing. Also make sure which iOS device you are using, therefore we will find the solutions to your iOS 7 problems so we can help you fix those devices.

Comments can be something like this:

Hi, my iPhone 5 on iOS 7 is not displaying images properly on a website such as yours.

My iPhone 4S on iOS 7 is giving me this error: (error number).

iPad 3 on iOS 7 is causing battery issues, please help!

We here at Maypalo, will check ALL COMMENTS below! Those iOS 7 errors and problems which are effecting a lot of users will be addressed first., will be coming up with guides for fixing iOS 7 problems and errors that our readers are facing. So make sure you comment below if you are facing any problems or errors regarding iOS 7.

All guides and tutorials regarding iOS 7 will be coming in the following days so make sure you follow us, so you do not miss out any important information!

Comment away!

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41 Comments to iOS 7 Problems & Errors: A Complete List!

  1. I think the OS Is very slowly with my iPhone 4 not only me my all friends that have the same phone they told me that it’s very slowly I don’t know what’s the reson for this May be the configuration for the phone is not fully comparable with the OS I hope appale relase a new update to solve this issue

  2. I’m Facing a few problems first is at where i am writing my passcode sometimes i press a button but my iPhone acts as if i haven’t pressed that button and 2 I keep of having problems while zooming to photos= Also my phone is iphone 4 gsm

  3. Definitely no doubt it has become too slow iphone 4. Though the iOS is good feel of iphone is too old. Apple wants us to upgrade. The way it goes I will change my phone or upgrade too soon

  4. Errors in iOS 7 iPhone 4S T-mobile:

    Do not operate the information about the new notifications Twitter
    It does not work on the iphone search iCloud Find iphone!

  5. i cant seem to update to ios 7.0.1 thru ota, says its up to date, iphone 4s sprint. also does it matter if ur udid is registered AS developer?

  6. I’m using iPhone 5 32 GB.

    The iOS 7 isn’t as smooth as iOS 6 was. There are some laggy/low fps parts in animations. Example: When i turn the phone into portrait mode and the screen is showing keyboard, it turns to portrait mode with low fps. It’s not fluid like iOS is supposed to be. I think that’ll be fixed by future apple updates. But you should inform about this to apple for us users.

    Also, again, low fps issues when i try searching for a song in the music app.
    Alot of low fps issues in many iphone default apps. The OS should be made as smooth and fluid like as the previous iOS 6.

  7. I had battery problems on iPhone 4s, turning off several times showing empty battery. This happened only on the first day of update.

  8. I also want to add that iOS’s 7 transition effects are crap, they take alot of time especially after hitting the home button. Please post in the future a comparison video between iOS 7 and 6.1.3 responsetimes.
    I hate the fact that I have to wait for that effects to take place untiI I can slide between the homescreen pages.
    I so regret i updated. Many of us got fooled that maybe iOS 7 GM got much more improovements than the latest beta. Except the wallpapers and the useless ringtones…. nothing much changed.

  9. My iPhone 4s doesnt shows weather in notification center, it just shows stock in today’s view, i even tried to search for weather setting, its not available have to open weather app to check the weather,

    Even i have problem with facetime,there is no option of facetime after updating to ios7

  10. Video playback on ipad 4 is very lagging. Wasn’t smooth as iOS 6. And the keyboard is a nightmare, very slow response time and lagging as well

  11. iOS 7 performance has been decent so far for me on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Sure, some of the transition effects are a little bit slower right now, but I’m sure they will be fixed in future 7.x and/or 7.x.x updates. Some things that annoy me are some unnecessary slowdowns/crashes. Out of the blue, the settings app will sometimes crash right after launching it for no reason at all. That is unacceptable for what’s still considered decent hardware. Also, I have also noticed slower transitions when changing orientations, which also shouldn’t be happening. I almost feel like Apple was a bit rushed with this release, as there are some things which downright shouldn’t be happening on newer hardware like the iPhone 5. Other than all these issues, iOS 7 has been working great for me.

  12. Agreed even ios 7 is way way slow on my iPhone4 , even the keyboard responsiveness is bad , on top of it , it doesn’t have air drop . BAD KEYBOARD RESPONSIVENESS

  13. After upgrade to ios7 took some pictures with flash enabled (Auto setting), the photo was overexposed, couldn’t see anything. On ios 6.1.3 photo taken in the same enviroments was very good. No weather in notification center. Iphone 4

  14. One of my favorite games on my phone Is Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, now that I have IOS 7, I can’t play it! The screen is just blank and I hear the opening music but then it stops . Do the developers need to update the game or is there something I can do? Thank you so much for your help!!!

  15. After my upgrade to IOS7 on my iPad, I can’t close out any of my icons, which leaves them all running in the background; thus, running my battery down quicker. Plus, on my game Contract Kill 2, it has started to lag.

  16. After updating to IOS 7 in my Iphone 4, everything works fine except, keyboard. whatever the App, whether it is Safari browser or facebook or sms or mail, the OS takes a while to display the inputted text. This problem is not solved even after Apple’s iOs update version 7.0.2, (there is a little improvement). The diagnostic information stored in the phone says, that keyboard is keep on crashing each and every time it is used. My phone is a factory unlocked Iphone 4.

  17. After updating my Iphone 4 to IOS 7, I’m facing a lot of problems in Battery & Keyboard specially when using whatsApp

  18. iPad MC706B/A (32Gb, it was the new iPad December 2012). updated to iOS7 yesterday 5th Oct 2013 and had two immediate issues. The main one was my emails.

    I have a personal website and pop3 email. iOS7 altered the SMTP option and left me unable to use email until I had thoroughly checked what had happened.

    The only thing that is just simply not working is Real Racing 3, and it is annoying the heck out of me because now it wont work I have the urge to use it! I have deleted the app about 20 times now, and tried downloading the app again. Restarting the iPad between deleting and then trying to download again. Sometimes I download it from the purchased apps option, sometimes from a fresh search, but it just will not install. It sometimes brings up an error message and sometimes after a couple of hours of the app saying “loading” I remove it and try to download again. Previously it worked fine on old iOS, and immediately after updating to 7 the app would open as far as the gamecentre dropdown welcoming me, then just close itself.

    Admittedly I am currently pushing my internet bandwidth right now, downloading iOS7 for iPhone and sometimes watching Netflix whilst all my apps have been updating on this iPad but nevertheless it should surely just download and install!?

  19. My iPhone 5 and my fiancé’s iPhone 4S is experiencing battery issues since we installed iOS 7. The battery is draining a lot faster and we have to charge it a lot more.

  20. Melissa Cramer

    I have problems when I take pics with my phone and when I upload them to the computer it shows only half the pic and the other half of the pic is all gray! My battery also dies very quickly even when I’m not using it! I have Windows 7 and I have the iPhone 5

  21. Ever since the upgrade, I have been unable to take video on my Ipad. The video option is there, but I’m unable to click on it. It just stays on camera.

  22. Iphone 5 Ios 7 64g…..Flash does not work at all only when using Apple cam….It does work if using a cam application…

  23. I can’t get Facebook to load on iPad after updating to IOS 7. I can see friends list but nothing else. Same problem existed on my iPhone for a couple days but then it started working. I tried reloading Facebook app, but problem still exists.

  24. Parmeet Singh

    I have an iPhone4S 32 GB. My Wi-Fi stopped working after upgrading to iOS7.. And there’s no going back. I have done rest settings, full restore, etc. My Bluetooth is working fine. No help could be seeked from Apple experts as well. People recoomend Chip replacement but that also is not 100% success surity.
    WiFi Option remains Greyed out.

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