How To Fix Error 1669 On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (Guide)

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It seems many of you are facing a problem called error 1669. This error occurs when you try to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 7. Well like all errors this one has solutions. Here is how to fix error 1669 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, check it out below.

Fix Error 1669

Error 1669 is a new error many users are facing around the world, this error occurs on those devices which are eligible for an upgrade to iOS 7. Most of you won’t face this error but after checking out Apple support forums it seems this error is quite common.

We have also received multiple messages regarding how to fix error 1669 for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Well right now there is no one confirmed method, but in fact there are multiple solutions on how to fix error 1669.

One method might work for one person but not work for another. So in this post on “how to fix error 1669”, we will look at different methods for a solution. So before you give up, make sure you try each and every solution mentioned below.

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Error 1669 – Solution 1

Let’s directly begin with the solution. This solution has been reported to work on many devices which have been showing the error 1669. This method uses the DFU restore – which will allow you to restore your iOS device without any errors. Simply follow the steps below to fix error 1669.

STEP 1: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer and start iTunes.

STEP 2: Put device in DFU mode. To do that follow the note:

Note: DFU mood process.

1. Hold Power + Home button for 10 seconds.

2. Release Power button but hold Home button for another 5 seconds.

STEP 3: A message will pop up saying your device is in recovery mode and you need to restore it.

Note: On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it will display an image saying to connect to iTunes.

STEP 4: Click on the restore button in iTunes (this will delete everything on your iOS device so make sure you have a backup).

STEP 5: This step is going to take quite a while, so just sit back and relax.

Note: If you already have an iOS 7/7.0.2 IPSW file in your computer then Command + Alt (Mac), Control + Shift (Windows) on the “Restore Button”. It will open a box, simply locate your IPSW file and click OK.

STEP 6: The process should be completed and your device will turn on. Click on the back up you might have saved on the computer or on iCloud. It will restore to your previous setting and that too on iOS 7.

The above method should fix the error 1669 for your iOS device. If it does not then follow the step below.

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Error 1669 – Solution 2

Another reason why you might face error 1669 is because of iTunes. Although it is not confirmed, but some have reported to us that even changing the iTunes version has helped them fix this error 1669, and using the proper cable.

STEP 1: Delete iTunes from your computer. Also make sure you remove the cache.

Note: If you have any libraries or locally cached data that you want to keep, temporarily store them somewhere until you get the situation fixed.

STEP 2: Once it is completely deleted, download iTunes 11.1 from Apple servers.

STEP 3: Download iTunes 11.1 from here.

STEP 4: Now connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer.

STEP 5: Click “check for update”, it should present you with a notification saying a new version is available.

STEP 6: Simply Click download and install, and sit back and relax.

The process should be completed and your error 1669 should be fixed. If you are still facing the error, read below.

Error 1669 – Water Damage

We have also been getting reports that some users who are facing this error 1669 have had water contact with their iOS device. This is usually indicated with a tiny red dot on the screen.

Although you can fix this by dismantling your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, I suggest you not to do this as you might completely brick your iOS device. In this situation it is always best to hand it over to experts.

Go to your local Apple store and ask the people sitting at the genius bar about the error 1669 and they should be able to help you – if all the methods above have not worked for you.

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Well those were some of the methods/solutions to fix the error 1669. If they have worked for you do comment below or if they did not, also comment so we can know which method has worked.

If you are facing any other problem or have any questions regarding this guide then drop a comment below.

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26 Comments to How To Fix Error 1669 On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (Guide)

  1. Hi Farhan,

    I followed the above processes to no avail. My iPad4 is still stuck with error-1669. Is there any other workaround?

    Meanwhile, am also trying other things. I’ll update if I get a workaround.

    Pawan Arora

  2. the solution is reflow or reball u501_rt and u601_rt on your iphone mobo , this is hardware issue not software

  3. he intentado recuponer mi iphone 5 a modo fabrica pero cuando ya esta a punto de restaurar el firmware se para y me sale eror 1669 que puedo hacer para que me funcione

    • El error 1669 no es un error de software es de hardware son dos chips (u601_rf) y el (u501_rt) en este link le demostrara el mismo porceso que se tiene que hacer a estos chips soy ingles y mi espanol no es el mejor asi que se paciente

      el proceso es muy sencillo ahora le esplico abajo de uno de los chip mencionados hay bolas de soldar cuando uno de ellos no conectan bien falla completamente por eso te sale ese error puede ser que el movil haya caido y le ha dado un golpe fuerte o agua!

      para que puedas entender mejor como funciona he puesto un link abajo! el chip es de un xbox pero el proceso es lo mismo.

      si quiere aprender mas sobre el tema google ( soldar BGA ) y te esplicara mas, bueno espero que esto haya sido de alguna ayuda goodbye

      • Charlie, esto de que la causa del error 1669 es por la soldadura es confirmado??? me podrías dar una fuente?? sino no podré aplicar a mi garantía, muchas gracias

  4. *Reflow: is when you just reheat the balls back up without replacing

    is when you apply a little liquid flux under the chip and then you heat it up so that the solder balls melt and connect back to the circuit board again.

    *Reball: you replace the solder balls under the chip

    is when you heat the chip and remove clean all the area so that there is no contaminates or solder then the you reapply small solder balls and finally you heat it back into position.

    and you may be thinking why wouldn’t you just heat them back up instead of replacing them well I’ll explain reflow is only used when the solder balls aren’t quite touching the connecting pads by reheating them they will simply reconnect in the case of a reball is when one of or several solder balls connect together which makes it impossible to separate.

    hope this has been helpful feel free to check out on youtube BGA reflow and reball to get a better understanding on the procedure.

  5. Charlie, esto de que la causa del error 1669 es por la soldadura es confirmado??? me podrías dar una fuente?? sino no podré aplicar a mi garantía, muchas gracias

  6. Hi, Charlie Montague
    Thanks for explain, its very good, but can you identify the (u601_rf) y el (u501_rt) in a image or the proces in a video but with a iphone, and what toolkit I can use for the reflow and reball, please I have the same problem with my iphone 5 and I try a lot of methods but without good results. your method is my last oportunity for my divice. please !!

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