iPhone Vs Android – iPhone Sells Twice As Much As Android! (Chart)

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Those of you with an iPhone would be happy to know that your iPhone is worth twice as much as your average Android smartphone. Well nothing to be surprised considering how much expensive an iPhone is. Well for those of you who still want to know more, check out the chart below which shows the comparison between iPhone vs Android and other operating systems.

Statista has published a chart showing the price difference when you are selling your smartphone. As expected iPhone retains a huge margin over the likes of Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android. But the thing that is really going to surprise you is the price difference between iOS and Android.

iPhone (iOS) is a premium smartphone but the difference between these two operating system is huge. The iPhone sells for double the price of an average Android smartphone.

Check out the chart below to get an idea for yourself on the difference between the different operating systems.

iphone vs Android price

The other interesting thing you can see from the chart is that almost all smartphones have lost value since 2012, the only exception is Blackberry, which has gained on average $62 per smartphone.

Well are your surprised by the price difference between an iPhone and Android? Drop a comment below.

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  1. it makes no sens to compare an oparating system (android) with a phone (Apple iPhone). Android is an operating system used on multiple hardware, the price vary from 150$ to 700$,

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