iQi Charges iPhone Wireless (Video)

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One of the things that might make me switch to any smartphone is a true wireless technology. Although we do not have a true wireless technology but we have something very close to it called Qi wireless technology. The Qi wireless technology hasn’t officially been endorsed by Apple, but that hasn’t stopped a tech start-up from coming up with it. iQi now charges your iPhone wireless! Check out the video below.

A new tech company has come up with a very clever way to charge your iPhone wireless. What it does is, puts the iQi behind a soft case and charges your iPhone on a charging pad.

The iQi uses the same technology which is found in the Qi wireless technology in the Nokia Lumia series, which has officially been endorsed by Nokia. So you can expect a good degree of accuracy when it comes to charging via the pad.

IQI wireless

The iQi is extremely thin; measuring at 0.5mm at its thinnest and 1.4mm at its thickest – it will fit in to any soft case.

iQi is going to be available for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5c. As you can guess, it is currently not available in the market but those of you who can’t wait to get it, can support the team behind iQi wireless charging technology and get yourself the iQi.

You can head over to their Indiegog compaign and get yourself one.

iQi wireless iPhone 5

COTA true wireless charging technology for the iPhone

Check out the video of the iQi wireless technology for the iPhone below:

Well what do you think about the iQi wireless technology for the iPhone? Would you be getting yourself one once it is released in 2014 for $35? Drop a comment below to let us know about iQi.

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