Jailbreaking iOS 7 Using Evasion Installs A Cracked App Store: Taiji!

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This is a big shock! Nobody would have thought that Evasion team would turn to piracy, but that is exactly what has happened in this latest release of the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. When you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on iOS 7 using evasion, it installs an app beside Cydia that allows you to pirate any apps. Check out the shocking details below.

Pirate App Evasion Jailbreak

There were rumors floating around before the jailbreak was released, that team Evad3rs has sold the jailbreak to a Chinese company. But many people dissed such a rumor mentioning it as baseless. But today it seems a part of it might be true.

Today, Evad3rs released the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak called the “Evasion7”. This was a complete surprise considering nobody had an idea that Evasion for iOS 7 would be released today. But it did. Initially many people were happy that evasion untethered jailbreak had been released but after figuring out that something was wrong with this jailbreak; people started to question.

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When you jailbreak iOS 7 using evasion, what it does first is, check what language your device is running on. If it detects Chinese, it not only installs Cydia on your iOS device but it also installs another app called “Taiji”.

Taiji Cracked App Store

Let me just give it straight to you. Taiji is basically an App Store that holds cracked apps. Think of it as the modern version of Installous, where you can simply install any app for free – a complete piracy nightmare!

When you jailbreak with evasion; if it finds Chinese language on your iOS device, it will install this Taiji App Store. As you would have imagined this has caused a huge uproar from the iOS community, especially from those hard-working developers and hackers who make jailbreaks.


So why did team Evad3rs sell out? Well according to one theory, team Evad3rs received a huge amount of money from the Chinese company to install the Taiji pirate App Store. Some rumors have put this amount close to $1 million – which as you can guess is huge.

Pod2g has come out saying that they did not intend to release the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak with a pirate App Store and are intending to remove it as soon as possible. But so far the Taiji cracked App Store is still there.

Pod2g has also mentioned that he will be explaining the entire situation soon. We will post that as soon as it is available.

If you haven’t already jailbroken your iOS device on iOS 7 then make sure you jailbreak it using the evasion tool, but change the language setting to any other language except Chinese, therefore the Taiji app will not be installed.

Well, this is quite interesting to see something like this come from the team Evad3rs. More information on this coming soon. So stay tuned.

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