Fix iOS 7 Evasion Jailbreak Errors & Problems

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By now most of you will know that Evasion has been released to jailbreak iOS 7. The first untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 is here. As you would expect many people are facing problems while jailbreaking. If you are one of those people, this post is for you. Here we have a comprehensive solution to fixing most problems while jailbreaking with evasion on iOS 7.

Evasion Jailbreak Problems

We have been receiving a lot of messages regarding some very common problems while trying to jailbreak iOS 7 using Evasion. Some of these problems range from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch being stuck at the Apple logo or getting into an endless reboots. If you have any problem, we have the solution for you.

So let’s directly dig into fixing some of the most common problems while jailbreaking with evasion.

Stuck At Apple Logo

This is by far one of the most common problems many people are facing. When trying to jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using evasion, you get stuck at the Apple logo. Don’t worry this is a very common problem and it has a solution.

This problem arises if you have updated to an iOS 7 version using the OTA feature Apple has. So how do you fix it? Well it is very simple. Evad3rs has mentioned that they are going to update Evasion to fix this issue but until then you can do a clean restore and get the device jailbroken.

STEP 1: Connect your iOS device to computer and start iTunes.

STEP 2: Backup your data.

STEP 3: Hit the restore button and restore to iOS 7.0.4

STEP 4: Once restored. Attempt the jailbreak again and this time it should work.

Even if that does not work, then I suggest you to wait until Evasion gets updated to fix this problem.

iOS 7 untethered jailbreak

Endless Reboots

Sometimes your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will go in an endless reboot mode. It will continue to reboot; well, until the battery runs out. This problem is related to the MobileSubstrate.

As you know that this jailbreak has been surrounded with controversy, especially after we find out that evasion comes bundled with a cracked app store; and that Cydia founder was not taken into account. Therefore the MobileSubstrate had not been updated to support the iOS 7, and because of this many apps are not going to work properly.

The only way to avoid this problem is not installing any app or until the problem gets resolved once Cydia has been updated.

Error While Jailbreak

As this is the first version of the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak; we were bound to face some problems. So don’t freak out if you are facing any other problem, as they will be fixed with up-coming versions of evasion.

If you get a message saying Evasion can’t be opened on OS X; do the following:

  • If you get an error on OS X saying that evasi0n can’t be opened, control-click (or right-click) the app and on the revealed context menu, choose ‘Open.’ On the ensuing dialogue box, choose ‘Open’ as well.

If you have any other problem while trying to jailbreak iOS 7 or after jailbreaking, then do leave a comment below and we will get to you.

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334 Comments to Fix iOS 7 Evasion Jailbreak Errors & Problems

        • Rebooting problem: let battery run dry boot in dfu mode(google it) and reinstall official ios 7 in itunes then run jailbreak again, if it doesn’t work then repeat proces buth don’t jailbreak and wait for update of te tool
          !be sure you restore your device to a version supported by jailbreak!!

        • Gurps: that’s prob the best idea, ipad 2 seems to have a lot of issues… Let’s hope the tool will be updated soon, buth don’t worry jb is still a little crappy on ios 7

          • @gurps: my ipad 3 keeps “forgetting” my tweaks when rebooting my device, really annoying, does your ipad 4 does that too?

          • @Gurps : Were you able to install non official apps afterwards ? i have the same, went ok. i just don’t know what is wrong. even having Cydia, it works like a non JB device… Did you do anything specific ?? (Unluck, click on the logo, unlock again, and wait for Cydia to finish and reboot the ipad) Something else ?
            thank you for reading me.

          • isn’t your device supose to work like a non JB device? it just ad the possibility to download unofficial things, as long as you don’t download a theme, your product wil still look the same and act the same, not really sure what your problem is? you can’t install stuff from cydia or what??

          • all u have to do is connect ur iPad into your computer then update it next try the jailbreak again

      • while jailbeaking my ipad 2 running ios 7.0 ,i accidentally pressed exit button while my ipad was still prearing its filesysytem..since then it has gone into reboot mode,got stuck at apple logo..any suggesttions plzz??

    • Same happened to me. use another computer. I tried everything redownloading evasiOn and redownloading itunes (just to be sure) still same. I went on my bros computer and wam bam thank u mam. Doesnt get stuck at all. Jb shouldnt take more than 5 min

  1. Time frame of when cydia will update to work with new evasion ios7 jailbreak, JB installed fine on my iphone 5S, but cydia apps not working, only a few work. Movie box works great though, get to watch free movies till this is updated.

    • Same here. I have installed cydia successfully on my 5S. I don’t see any tweaks/apps in my settings and none of my tweaks and apps are working. But I could download everything in cydia fine.

      • exact same problem here. running 7.0.3 on an iphone 5 verizon…i really fucking hate apple for trying to make peace with everyone by hiring one of the head jailbreakers, but then using him to give the jailbreak community nothing but a pain in the ass from that day forward. FUCK YOU APPLE!

        • Here is a fix for those experiencing problems with using their tweaks after already having jailbroken their devices successfully.

          Enjoy 🙂

        • It will backfire on them the day they can’t jb anymore is the day appel are done most of the people holding on to ios are jailbreakers the rest are slowly moving to android I still have my ipad but I got a note 3 a few weeks ago and ill never look at a iphone the same way again they look like toys compared to a Samsung in fact my son has my 4s nw im keeping my ipad as long as I can jb tho as I love it to bits im not a fan of the samsung tablets =)

  2. Hi, I am dealing with the problem with the Apple logo stuck on my screen, I follow your steps but iTunes doesn’t find my iPhone, because probably my phone is still off. And so I can’t restore my system. Can you please help me?

    • Put your phone into DFU mode. Hold the lock button for 3 seconds, then while still holding the lock button press and hold the home button for 10 seconds, then let go of the lock button and keep the home button held down for 15 seconds or until the iPhone shows up in iTunes.

    • If apple logo is stuck turn on I tunes. After that as you plug cable in hold down power button until it goes in dfu mode. iTunes will recognize it. Restore and update. Hope you backed up everything. If so back up with iTunes.

  3. iphone 4 jailbreak went perfect but after i opened cydia my icons went missing…… anyone had any luck fixing this issue???

    • Same problem here. After launching Cydia for the first time, Cydia missing. Message and Phone are missing, Setting gone too. I cannot do anything. When I open Itune on PC, trying to restore, it said I have to turn the Icloud setting off, but the Settings has gone missing on my phone so I can do nothing now. I’m trying to jailbreak again. If it does not work, I will manually restore, which is sured that many of my date will be losing. Anyway, It’s a fun to work on tweaking anyway.

      • Nothing works until now. I cannot restore my phone because it requires turn off Find my iphone in the setting but the Settings missing so cannot turn it off. Now I’m erasing all my content on the phone. It takes so long…

  4. Here’s a new one. I’m on the iPhone 4 (CDMA) with iOS 7.0.4, and at the end of the jailbreak, I’m asked to unlock my phone to finish, I do so, and nothing happens. Evasi0n just hangs there still waiting. To top it off, Cydia isn’t installed (aparently they released it without Cydia according to the developers from evad3rs). So now I’m wondering, what now?

  5. I went through the whole process. No problem at all, I had a ATT iPhone 5s 64gig. My question , is my iPhone now GSM unlocked can use international sim card?


      i’ve waited until the battery went over but when you connect the iPhone ti the current it stuks in the apple logo again

  6. Movie Box is the only app working for me on my verizon 5S, everything installs but does not work, but like I said, at least I can watch movies for free until they fix this.

  7. Im stuck on the Apple screen after successfully downloading Evasi0n. The part i dont get is that when i connect to iTunes, it doesn’t re cognize my phone because it is basically off. Is there any way i could just turn it back on without iTunes?


  9. i tried control-click,right clicking and evasion still wont open,im on 10.6.8
    this is crazy when i try on windows it gets stuck at 2/2 configuring..i never ota updated my ipadair and i restored anyway and still the jailbreak wont work ……

  10. Hello I did my jailbreak but after that I stuck at apple logo and i cant do anything exempt turn it to recovery mode.. Please help

  11. I downloaded the Evasi0n 7 Jailbreak for Mac from the official site. When I try to launch the JB app it does nothing. I tried to right click and open and still nothing. What’s up?
    I’m on Snow Leopard 10.6.8

  12. I did the jailbreak and the did a restore from backup. Now Cydia is gone, how can I install Cydia? When I tried to run the evasion Jailbreak, the program tells me that my device is already jailbroken & not to run the jailbreak again . How can I install Cydia?

    • You are supposed to do te restore before the jailbreak.
      What I’d suggest would be you start over, beginning with the update/restore. (to erase traces of the jailbreak)
      and then try again.

  13. I get a library not loaded error and evasi0n wont even open.
    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded? /usr/lub/libcurl.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Volumes/evasi0n 7 – 1.0.0/evasi0n

  14. I guess i’ve ruined my kids i pad3!
    Apple logo keeps coming i’ve tried all different ways to restart my iphad but seems nothing working yet!

    • If you can’t fix it do a hard restore thought iTunes if you have to put it in recovery mode being stuck on the Apple logo don’t mean it’s bricked =)

  15. hi 🙂 im experiencing problems after i added my previous sources into Cydia, many things are not working or even showing such as : appvv, winter board, sbsettings.
    oh and also i cant find the proper app sync for ios 7x.
    also many icons disappeared after the jailbreak has finished, such as : APPSTORE !!
    i have iphone 4

  16. I have a IPad 2 7.0.4 that is having the boot loop issue after jail breaking , how do I restore it because my home button is broken and it turns off before a computer can recognize it

  17. I did the jailbreak and installed appcake + appsync patched for ios7.0.x on both my iphone 4 and ipad 3. Now, I can’t open safari and mail on both devices.. I’ve tried uninstalling appcake and appsync, rebooting, but no success.. What can I do?

    • 1. Remove afc2add
      2. Remove Appsync
      3. Install iFile (in case you don’t have it)
      3. Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches
      5. Locate and delete the file
      6. Locate and delete the file
      7. Reboot your device
      8. Install Appsync again.
      9. ENJOY!

    • Yep. Same here! The jailbreak went all fine, but then, a lot of apps don’t agree to install anymore…
      I’ve tried to first to jailbreak after previous restortion reloaded, and another time, after setting my ipad4 as brand new. The jailbreak worked fine in both cases, except for the install of my non official apps, cydia apps, and cracked apps. Feels like not jailbroken… while cydia is here.
      Can anyone help ?

  18. Karnell Holmes

    I have an iPhone 5s on 7.0.4!!! I’m trying to jailbreak using the evasi0n jailbreak for 7.0.4 but it keep freezing on me when it says configuring system (2/2)!!! I downloaded 7.0.4 OTA and I found out that that would cause problems for the jailbreak, so I restored to 7.0.4 using iTunes!!! I tried the jailbreak again and it’s doing the same thing!!! What am I doing wrong???

    • Once you reach step (2/2) it’ll ask you to open your Iphone.. slide the screen (to open it) and it’ll continue the installation for you.. doesn’t it work?

    • My son’s 4s is doing the same thing on the same bit yet my ipad worked first time im hoping it will work on there next update as really wanna customise his 4s a bit for him =(

    • When you get this message?
      On pc: reboot your pc and open tool as admin (on mac i don’t know)
      On cydia: might have a wrong source thatvis taken down, dzlete it under sources tab

  19. Evasion doesn’t open on OSX 10.6.8….it says it needs libcurl.4.dylib version 7 … what the hell is that ? Also freezes halfway on windoze…

  20. I tried connecting my i pad 3 to computer and start iTunes… but it doesn’t appear in the Itune! The I pad freezed and each time i try to turn it on the Apple Logo keeps coming and nothing else happen! it just stays there.. i restart it again by pressing Home + upper right button but nothing happening.. i am so sick of this… this is the third day now…

    PS. to those who didn’t jailbreak their I devices.. please please please.. wait don’t jailbreak now..

  21. I installed applocker and at first applocker worked but after my iPod died and came back on I installed the localialstore but neither one of the two tweaks were in settings like there suppose to be and no other tweaks I try to install worked even if there on the list of compatible tweaks. Also my mail and Safari app does not open. Is there a fix for these issues?

  22. Yo, I’ve got the iOS7.0.4 untethered jailbreak, everything was working fine I could get tweaks but I turned my phone off and turned it back on again and all my tweaks were gone, I tried reinstalling them, they downloaded perfectly but didn’t show up on my phone, it said installed on cydia.

    I need help ASAP!

  23. Best way to jailbreak without errors back up phone reboot into dfu and restore with itunes restore phone in windows disable auto play and exit out of itunes run jailbreak should complete without errors,

  24. Hi there, is there anyway to solve the issue of having this error note when I clicked jailbreak?

    Error : Failed to retrieve package info from the internet

    Need help seriously, pls reply me ASAP. Thanks

    • Problem with your pc,reboot your pc and run the tool as administrator by right clickibg it if you are on mac i can’t help you sporry

  25. Hi guys, i have noticed one problm, when i install a tweak and i reboot the device the tweak is not working any more, reinstall it and it works fine again,buth reboot and its gone(not deleted buth disapeared and not working) really anoying hope it will be fixed on my ipad 3

  26. i was jailbreaking my iphone 4s and have the evais0n7 app installed on my iphone but if i go into it its just blank and i cant download the paid apps that i heard i can do with jailbreak ive searched everywhere for a solution but i keep hearing about this cydia app thats supposed to be installed when u install evais0n7 but i didnt get it and it doesnt look like its something u just download from my research…

    • Something prob went wrong, your jailbreak isn’t installed so you prob have to restart THE proces, and cydia is a app that installs automaticly after the jailbreak iscompleted, buth you can’t download paid apps from there cuz that is illigal, you would have to add a source to your cydia and download a illigal software buth i do not recommend that as it is illigal, complete your jailbreak process and then google how to download pirated apps if you are into that

    • try on a differint pc, be sure the drivers are installed on that other pc… sometimes the tool just won’t work on some PC’s (or laptops). hope it will work then, also be sure you download the tool from the official website:

  27. While jail breaking iPhone 4 iOS 7, it stops at injection phase 2/2, reloaded software and tried again. What a waste of time trying to figure this out. Please help?

  28. Hey guys,

    I’ve jailbroken my iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.4 and it works. But now when I woke up today all my jailbreak apps do not work anymore and the icons are blank. See this screencap:

    Does someone know a fix? Any help? Thanks!

    • me and a lot of others have the same problem, problem wit mobilesubrate and other important apps not updated for ios7 yet, wait for an apdute, in main time you might wanna try to reinstall mobilesubrate in cydia !!REINSTALL mobilesubrate DON’T DELETE IT, IF YOU DELETE IT, CYDIA WILL BE BROKE!! you might also wanna try to reinstall preferenceloader, if you don’t see it in installed list go to sources-> settin -> hacker

    • wait for a max of 10 min. if it won’t work close the tool, and open it as adminastrator, otherwise you’ll have to try it on different pc (download the tool here: )

  29. i jailbroke my phone, its stuck on the apple logo. But for some reason my phone never shows up on itunes except when its turned on so i cant restore it! help please

    • power off your phone (if you can’t wait for it to drain the battery) put it in DFU mode (google it) screen will be black buth itunes should reconize it…


    my iPhone is stuccoed in the apple logo and when i connect it to iTunes my mac doesn’t find it. how can i do? i have the upper button broken

  31. hi i cannot jailbreak my iPhone 5 it keeps staying on configuring system (2/2) and thats it i have waited an hour but still nothing is happening. the evasion app comes on my phone but even if i click on it nothing happens. Can somebody help please?.

  32. Ok my jailbreak went smoothly no bootloops nothing straight there 🙂 but I’ve noticed when I turn off my phone and turn it off I lose my tweeks it affectably goes to a normal iphone again untill I reinstall mobile substrate and restart springboard then my tweeks come back is this normal atm is any 1 else getting this problem it’s no real biggie but a lil annoying any ideas ????? Thank you

  33. Mine keeps saying Failed during configuring sysem (1-2). Please rerun the program and try again.
    And yes the system is spelled sysem i have tried restarting the program but to no avail.

    • To everyone having issue jailbreaking who is getting stuck at configuring 2/2 make sure you restore to 7.0.4 and if your pc doeent complete the.procees try a pc using windows 8 preferably one that came with windows 8 i tried on my pc for the longest used my friends windows 8 pc worked in 5 mins on my ipad 3 verizon editio. And ipad mini

  34. Im using an iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 and everything seemed OK while jailbreaking but when I went to use the phone after it was all done all of my stock apps were crashing, cydia wasn’t anywhere to be found, and my messages app was deleted completely. I just restored back to factory settings where i started from lol.

  35. I have been getting the same pop-up after opening the evasion 7 app, even after I right-click or control-click both icons. I want to know if anyone else is having this problem or its something that I am doing wrong.
    I am using an AT&T iPhone 5 running 7.0.4 and I am using a mac running 10.6.8

  36. i went to jailbreak my iPad 2 7.0.4 and for got to turn passcode off and now it is stuck in a boot loop I’ve tried both DFU and recovery to restore, it starts the restore then says preparing iPad for restore then after a while it goes to waiting for iPad then after that it gives me an error that is labeled 4005, i have tried to download the ISPW and shift clicked on restore and that don’t work either, is my device permanently bricked or is there any way to fix this issue? Please help i can’t afford a new iPad right now and i use it on a daily basis for important school work and such. Please get back to me before January 2nd that is when i go back to school. Thanks in advance.

  37. I jailbroken my iPhone 4 perfectly fine, but none of the themes with winter board is working, I installed Bytafont and a don’t and even though I’ve tried to change the don’t it’s stuck on it, even after I deleted both the font and but agony and installed another. Also when I installed a theme it also bookmarked and website on my home screen that I’ll delete and it’ll show up after respringing. AND my keyboard is really light when I type. I can type out a whole sentence before it will show up on the screen.

  38. Im having a problem with my iPhone4 IOS7 jailbroke with evasi0n 7 . Everytime I try to download an app from Cydia , The app icon dosent appear on the springboard . What should I do?

    • 1)Be sure the latedt version of itunes is installed on your pc
      2) be sure there is no code or other securite for unlocking the idevice
      Now it should work pleas let us know

  39. To everyone having issue jailbreaking who is getting stuck at configuring 2/2 make sure you restore to 7.0.4 and if your pc doeent complete the.procees try a pc using windows 8 preferably one that came with windows 8 i tried on my pc for the longest used my friends windows 8 pc worked in 5 mins on my ipad 3 verizon editio. And ipad mini

  40. ‘To continue, please unlock your device and tap the new ‘evasi0n 7′ icon.’
    I do the way it says and still the jailbreak is not completing.
    Help ASAP!!

    • Unlock device,lock it again,unlock and tap the icon, other wise might wanna respring? Hold power and home button together for a few sec buth i don’t know if that’s a good idea

  41. please help me i have iphone 4 on ios 7 when i try to jailbreak it stops completely and says: “Failed during configuring system (1/2), Please rerun the program and try again.” i restarted the jailbreak more then 10 times but still fails i also tried leaving the failed one open and restarting it but fails please help me fix iit and jailbreak my iphone 🙁

  42. When i plug my phone in to the computer and when i open my itunes it doesnt have the iphone simbol on itunes PLEASE HELP ME

  43. Stuck at apple boot logo and won’t get recognized in iTunes so I can restore it, I tried resetting holding the power and home screen and again stuck… Any options from here??

  44. hi i receive an error message error : failed to retrieve package info from the internet.
    what am i suppose to do?

    • Justin- Do you have parental restrictions on your computer? For me, I had to get my parents to disable the parental restrictions, since the Evasi0n tool has to connect to a site that the parental restrictions categorize as “hacking”

  45. i cant open the file that i extracted because its a microsoft windows app and it says the apps are not supported on OS X, (yh i got a mac) how do i get around this or extract a mac version, thanks

  46. mine starts downloading & get to configuring systems 2/2 & then says it cant be downloaded. ive tried like 4 different sights and rebooted it.

  47. Hello,
    I have a problem, my iphone was jailbroken succesfully for a month but suddenly it was stuck on the bootup logo. I have tried to restore it but it’s not possible. I’m getting an error. What do I need to do? Is my iphone lost forever?

  48. justin shaffery

    my iPhone 4s is stuck on apple logo after the evasion 7 jailbreak it successfully jail broke the device on the last reboot it stays stuck on the apple logo . still stuck on it for about 30 mins now. my power button is broken iknow i shouldnt of tried jail breaking the device with broken buttons but what can i do to get my iPhone back on and working ?

  49. I tried to jailbreak but it didnt work and my ipod 5 is still trying to turn on and it cant connect to itunes because it is still at apple logo

    • nothing happens for my iphone 4. evasion on my computer closes then when i open the app on my phone nothing happens, do u know why? i would really appreciate your help

  50. After jailbreak my ipad 3 installing of apps not working, stuck on waiting during installation. Is there a solution ti this please?

  51. hello The jailbreak keep getting stuck on install 2/2 and just freeze’s there.
    I have the Evasion logo on my iphone5s .but the progess status on the jailbreak is not moving .I have tried this 3 times already,Any Suggestions?Oh i did back-up and restore before i began.

  52. I went through the jailbreak with no problems (as in the wizard completed, it restarted, pressed the evasion app button, restarted again) but there’s so Cydia icon – please help! What have I done wrong?

  53. Hi. I have an iPhone 4S and whenever I am trying to install evasion 7 Cydia does not show up on my device. I have done all of the necessary steps shown in many videos and it still does not work. Any ideas?

  54. I’ve been reading mostly all the comments to figure what to do with my issue, but still no help.
    I’ve been trying to jailbreak my phone and keep getting the same error message every damn time… “check with the developer to make sure evasion 7 works with this version of mac os x”
    I tried downloading on the same message
    My system preferences doesnt have the option to “ALLOW APPS” or any of that sort.

    Can someone please help.

  55. my problem is all the steps run perfect except it skips the step where it is supposed to be reading kernels and just goes into the phone. there is no cydia and when i click evasion it just goes white and nothing happens

  56. iphone 5 os 7.0.4
    windows 7

    trying to get jailbreak.
    i timed it and takes about 5 hours AFTER “configuring system (2/2)” step
    i thought it was stuck or frozen at that 2/2 step. but then i got the next step to open the evasi0n icon
    after it reboots the phone is on normal lock screen with no cydia and the evasi0n program disappeared on win7

  57. Ive tried the jailbreak of evasion 7 from 2 different download links and everytime I try to jailbreak it stops just short of finishing so all im left with is a regular iphone with the evasion 7 app that does nothing, it just freezes up. If u find the fix for it email me at Everything is updated to date and im still having problems.

  58. Hi, I download cydia and everything went great the only thing is now whenever i try to open my mail or safari, it won’t open anymore or it opens and while loading it crashes. Please help.

  59. Just jailbroke my iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 and when i opened the cydia app it refreshed and rebooted device and when my device turned back on a few of the apps were white and cydia was gone. I rebooted my device and the apps were fixed but the cydia app is still gone.

  60. every time the jailbreak is about to finish evasion just dissappears and doesnt do anything else. i have an iphone 4

  61. I downloaded Evasi0n 7 and jailbroke my iphone4 with no problem. I tried to do my wifes phone and the phone jail broke but when I tried to launch Cydia it went to a black screen that said something about configuring files or something. When it finished, there was no Cydia icon anywhere. the phone is jail broke but I need Cydia. Can I run Evasion and force it to jailbreak again or do I have to reload the OS first?

    • ran the 1.0.2 evasion executable instead of the latest,!h5NmUR7I!bopScAVdGqXD57cpkFI4J16KKEcCi76VxV4t4Plw4wE

  62. I managed to fix this issue just running the program in compatibility mode set to “Windows xp (Service pack 2) under Windows 7 Ultimate on a DELL INSPIRON 6000 (is not a fast computer, PM 1,6 Mhz and 3,00 GB RAM) i hope this helps you all…

  63. summer martin

    can i just delete the logo and my phone be unjailbroke? or was it ever jailbroken if the cydia app never showed up? i already restored and tried again, but it did the same thing. so do i just delete the app? or icon whatever.

  64. iPhone 4 (CDMA) have a similar problem to other posters here, I clicked on the Cydia app after it was all said and done, it started to load up, phone rebooted, and then Cydia as well as many of my stock apps are gone. I even tried restoring the phone, still no stock apps nor Cydia. I hope I didn’t destroy my phone. =/

    • You have to disable all web filters on your computer first. Otherwise it wont let the program access the website it needs

  65. when I downloaded the evasi0n 7 that I did all the process all my application were remove from my phone everything I don’t have anything in my phone I can not call I can’t see my pictures I don’nt have anything please help me with this one b/c I need to use my phone as soon as possible

  66. When im jailbreaking my iphone 4s it goes through most of the process and then when it asks my to just unlock my device, and then on my computer it says modifying rootfs and then it closes and my iphone does nothing

  67. The problem I’m experiencing is that the evasion installation process doesn’t finish and the window just disappears from my desktop. I get no Cydia app. Help

  68. I downloaded the evasion 7 for my Mac Book Pro which version is 10.9.1 OS X and connected my iPhone 5 version 7.0.4 to the computer and clicked the evasion7 icon in my mac and the I clicked the jailbreak. At first it started to do the download, all the process but strangely it didn’t finish the thing disappeared. Help please!!!

  69. downloaded the iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak to my iphone 4, everything went fine until i got to my homescreen, and i clicked the Evasi0n 7 app, it just shows a white interface or template of the evasion 7 app, then closes. PLEASE someone help me fix this ive already tried re-jailbreaking but to no avail.

  70. Hellow. I have an iphone 5. I made the prosidure and however the prosidure is done okay until moduling,the app crashes and the iphone isnt jailbroken

  71. has anyone else figured out how to get this to work I have an iphone 4 unlocked and tried to jailbreak it using evasion I have done it twice and every time I open it its just blank any help would be great Thanks

  72. Everytime I run the jailbreak, it will go until the end then Evasi0n crashes and doesn’t install Cydia. What can I do for this? I have a 4S. Thank you

  73. I figured out how to fix the evasi0n app! You have to backup AND RESTORE your device or else it will not work. Also remove any password you have on your phone

  74. Whenever I try to Jailbreak my iPhone 4 Before its done it says unlock you device to continue. Well my device is unlocked but it still remains what do I do?

  75. i have an iphone 4 locek, so i hacktivate it. Now when i try to jealbreak it with evasi0s i get a message saying that my iphone is not activated. please is there any way to jealbreak my locked iphone with evasi0n?

  76. I was jailbreaking my iPhone 4 but in the middle of the jailbreak process Evasi0n quit and I’m stuck with the evasion app do I redo the jailbreak?

    • yes, delete the evasion app and restart jailbreak if you delete it and restart jailbreak then it should do no harm

  77. Hello, I have Got a Problem to open EvasiOn on my MacBook (Mac OSX 10.6.8). It says that my Computer is not compatible with the programm, but in the Description it says that it also works with Mac OSX 10.6… than I tried on my friends computer (a newer on 10.9) an everything went perfect, until it suck on the reboot apple logo :(( (i have an iPod touch 5g). Pleas help what should I do? Wait at a new EvasiOn version?

    • im not sure if it works on ipod touch. i don’t remember it saying its compatible. it’ll say on evasion website, i could be wrong but i am not sure it works on iPod it should but the jailbreak can take a couple tries

  78. I did everything right. I restored from iTunes on my iPhone 4(not OTA) and everything goes okay UNTIL after the second reboot and the evasion gets stuck at “to continue, please unlock your device” i waited 10 minutes, locked it unlocked it, I have no passcode and nothing works and no one seems to have this problem. any help??? 🙁

    • never mind got it working. after a couple tries, i figured it delete evasion app, re download it, close the app on phone, and try again. Then when it was getting to the part where i was stuck before, i set a passcode, then took it off(before locking it) then locked it, and launched the iPhone evasion app and it worked right after.

      • okay nvm, i opened cydia, then it crashed and disappeared along with a couple other apps:( idk why won’t it work!

  79. me too stuck at the configuring 1/2 failed….i tried 3 different computers . 1 pc on Wind 8 , another on Wind Xp and a Macbook… nothing the same error… restored the iphone .btw i have an iPhone 4 ios 7.0.4
    what would u suggest … i tried lots of things i found on utube or google…same thing 🙁

  80. Nathaniel Shaw

    Done the Jailbreak but Evasi0n doesnt come up with Done, and the exit button and just shuts down on its own. When i try to open evasion on my phone it just stays on a while screen without any writing? anyone had this problem and know why? many thanks

    • if that happens, delete the evasion app and start over. the blue bar should be done. if it works, after the second reboot when you hit the evasion app for the second time after like 10-20 seconds it should go with a white screen and the evasion logo should pop up and it should say like “reading (something i forgot)” and then it should reboot and cydia should pop up. then just open up cydia and it should work, it hasn’t for me:( cydia keeps crashing. hope i helped…

  81. so like I’m back. this thing makes me mad. i got to the point where the jailbreak works sort of. On the second reboot and it says unlock to continue, you unlock it and open the evasion app a second time and wait. it should work and if it crashes start the jailbreak over. if it works then it works but for me when i opened up cydia for the first time it did the reading packages and then it crashed, rebooted my phone and like over half of the system apps(mail safari, calculator, compass, settings and stuff like that) along with cydia disappeared. that happened to me everytiem it has completed the jailbreak. anyone got advice on that??? please I’ve been at this for a couple days now i can’t find help anywhere

  82. For everyone with problems of cydia apps not showing up….
    1. Goto Cydia
    2. Reinstall a app you had installed with cydia (Moviebox,sbsettings,winterboard, etc…)
    3. Once finished Restart your Springboard/Phone
    4. All icons are back (:

    • Same problem with me.. iPhone 5 7.0.4, evasi0n 1.0.5, after it says “modifying rootfs…” It cuts off, leaving just an evasi0n7 icon on the springboard… or it did that.. I tried using evasi0n 1.0.2 after, and right after “modifying rootfs, it downloaded some more stuff than the last time, it shut off, and got stuck in the apple boot logo… I have tried DFU Mode and Recovery Mode but iTunes wont recognize the device.. it wont appear in iTunes.. though I connect it and the computer recognizes it because it beeps and it says it has detected a new device, but in iTunes it doesn’t. I’ve jailbroken an iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.4, with evasi0n 1.0.4, and an iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 also with evasi0n 1.0.4, both successfully, and I have jailbroken many devices in the past, all successfully, i really don’t know what happened with this one.. yes i have had my issues JailBraking some devices but i had found fixes to all of them.. but this is really different.. and it makes me think twice about keeping the jailbreak on my other devices..

  83. i am getting an error message when i try to open evasion…i dowloaded the jailbreak and it says i dont have itunes but i do. ive been downloading and re downloading for 3 hours now. my itunes is also saying i dont have 64 bit but i do…this is getting aggravating and i want it fixed ):

  84. Evasi0n will go through most of the jailbreak process until the very end. After it says “modifying rootfs…” It cuts off, leaving just an evasi0n7 icon on my ipad that contains a blank white screen.
    What may be the cause or am I missing something??

  85. When I plugged my phone and opened winrar, it says that 7.0.4 is supported and there’s the jailbreak button. Once I click on the jailbreak button, it immediately be like ” ERROR: Failed to retrieve package info from the internet. “

  86. m getting stuck at 1/2. its telling me to restart the program, but when i do, the same thing happens, i was running on 7.0.3. i am now updating to 7.0.4. will it help ?

  87. Same problem with me.. iPhone 5 7.0.4, evasi0n 1.0.5, after it says “modifying rootfs…” It cuts off, leaving just an evasi0n7 icon on the springboard… or it did that.. I tried using evasi0n 1.0.2 after, and right after “modifying rootfs, it downloaded some more stuff than the last time, it shut off, and got stuck in the apple boot logo… I have tried DFU Mode and Recovery Mode but iTunes wont recognize the device.. it wont appear in iTunes.. though I connect it and the computer recognizes it because it beeps and it says it has detected a new device, but in iTunes it doesn’t. I’ve jailbroken an iPhone 5s iOS 7.0.4, with evasi0n 1.0.4, and an iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 also with evasi0n 1.0.4, both successfully, and I have jailbroken many devices in the past, all successfully, i really don’t know what happened with this one.. yes i have had my issues JailBraking some devices but i had found fixes to all of them.. but this is really different.. and it makes me think twice about keeping the jailbreak on my other devices..

  88. Help Help Help i jailbroke my iphone 4 now it didnt go all the way while jailbreaking it crashed it just stopped now some of my apps dont work the evasion7 app is on my screen if i click on it it just crashes and i cant do nothing

  89. I downloaded evasi0n for my Computer and started the jailbreak process. After the third reboot the Programm on my Computer closed and the Evasion app was still on my phone without having any effects. The jailbreak process was suddenly interrupted. I’ve been trying it for a few times now, without any success. if someone has an answer pls help….

  90. Im trying to jailbreak my iPhone 4s, i have used evasi0n 1.0.4 and 1.0.5. It gets to modifying rootfs and then the window disappears. I jailbroke my brother iPod 5 with the same evasi0n app. What can be casuing the iPhone not to jailbreak?

  91. when i done do all the jailbreak dont come out cydia it show evasion7 and when i open stay stuck and come out of the app

  92. Hello, my iPod Touch 5 with 7.0.4 doesn’t install Cydia. When I open the Evasion app it freezes up, and I have to wait for it to ‘unlag’ itself. Please contact me through or 2402427022, thank you.

  93. PLEASE HELP I jailbroke my iphone 4 and everything was good untill yesterday i tried to install siri for iphone 4 ios 7 and it had an error downloading and im now stuck on an endless boot loop please help ive tried using itunes and resetting and nothing happened

  94. hi i go through the whole process then when it does its last reboot at the end it just goes off doesnt tell me to exit or nothing just closes need help asap please

  95. i cant open the evasion! It keeps telling me that there’s a problem and I have to ensure that my Mac and the Evasion version i downloaded are the updated version. Both my Mac and the Evasion version are updated. Anyone else facing the problem or is it just me? 🙁

  96. Help Me Please!

    After download the jailbreak, i still have the Evasion icon on my IPhone 5, it isn’t being replaced with Cydia. What do i do, i really need help!
    If i get help, i think ill jump like a crazy 😀

  97. So I had an issue with jailbreaking my iphone 4 and restored it to a back up but now over 7 gigabites of data on my iphone are filled with the “other” category. How can I fix this?

  98. Hi! I tried to jailbreak my iPad 2 with my Windows 8 PC 2 times. Both of them failed. Now my PC doesn’t recognize my iPad anymore?! It stands: Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to begin. I’ve done it, but it doesn’t recognize my iPad!
    I have installed the 1.0.6 version of Evasi0n and iOS / on my iPad 2! Please help me?!

  99. I have a iPhone 4s running on ios 7.0.6 I downloaded newest version of evasion7 but when the jailbreak comes to a conclusion and it tells me to unlock my screen it says modifying roots and goes away without rebooting or installing cydia. HELP PLease!

  100. Hi need help PLEASE from a genius if that’s you then you’ll answer this no probs….

    I have just downloaded evasion 7.0.6 opened the file pushed jailbreak and a message saying… ERROR failed to receive packaging from the internet. Please please help Kind Regards …..Stillalearner…

  101. hi plz help me ….after install a program from cydia my iphone 4 ,7.0.4, is off, after few hour whem m start ,its stuck with apple logo for few minutes and again its off…when m try to restore with itunes its error 3194,m set also host file for restoring but its not work,
    is here latest firmware needed ?? or what …plz guide me ….thaks

  102. my mac comes up with problem report for evasi0n 7 after i press open again can’t figure it out

  103. Hi my iPhone is on an endless reboot, and I would like to find out how to either restore my iPhone to default settings or back to jailbreak please please help

  104. when i jailbreak my iphone 5 the jailbreak wont finish properly after rebooting by taping the evasion7 icon the cydia icon wont appear after reboot instead i still get the evasion7 icon, then the jailbreak program finishes and quits on my computer. tried this several times now im on ios 7.0.4.

    • Now i tried with evasion7 1.0.2 and now im stuck at apple logo and recovery mode… Computer dont recognize the phone at all at apple logo and on recovery mode im forced to update to ios 7.1 via itunes… Please help me!

  105. I’m having a problem Jailbreaking my iPhone 5 (ios 7.0.2) I get to the part where the evasion icon shows up on the device and it tells you to press it so it can install Cydia. After pressing the evasion icon and waiting through the process. My phone comes back on and where Cydia should be, the evasion icon still there after the installing.
    Please help!

  106. I used this Evasion Shit and tried to do this jailbreaking thing
    but apparently i san fin no icon at alll in my home screen
    Wtf !!!! i freaked out and i completely blacked out because this is my only phone that i just got
    so mofo’s please help me whit a 100% efficient plan ASAP
    Good Luck $uckers

  107. archit srivastav

    hey someone pls help me out.The jailbreak process in my windows 7 happens properly and in the last it comes-pls unlock ur ipad to continue.Then the dialog box disappears after unlocking.Then without disconnecting my ipad i clicked on the evasion 7 icon.It opened and the whole screen was blan for few minutes and then it exited evasion7 automatically.What should i do?i tried various evasion softwares,backed up and restored my ipad already.Should my ipad be app free also?

  108. when i hit jailbreak at first evasi0n say “error failed to receive package from internet” it will then start to load the data but when downloading the second app it will say “failed during injecting evasi0n app (2/2) if anyone knows what is wrong please reply thanks

    • Says the same thing for me. error failed to receive package from internet I am running a Mac 10.9.5 and trying to Jail break my Ipod 5

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